Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Mud, Sweat, and……Mosey?


Twas a cool, dark, and raining Tuesday morning, when 17 men of great fortitude and physical prowess appeared to test their mettle once more…

The Story Begins:

Warm mosey 1 lap around the AO with call-out exercises on command and throughout duration of mosey for COP#1.

Exercise call-outs:

  • Burpees
  • Side Straddle Hops
  • WW2’s (very wet & muddy)

COP #2 picks up on soccer field right after:

4 Corners

  • Corner #1: Merkins x 20 reps
  • Corner #2: WW2’s x 20 reps
  • Corner #3: Hello Dollys x 20 reps
  • Corner #4: Squats x 20 reps

Mosey over to pavilion area for COP #3

Triple Check
Runner runs to end of the field and back while the 2 others complete partner exercises with a count, then rotate when runner returns.

  • Squerkins – counting up to 100
  • PTL’s – counting up to 200
  • Dying Boxing Cockroaches – counting up to 300

Indian around AO back to soccer field for COP #4

4 Corners Round 2

  • Corner #1: Merkins x 40 reps
  • Corner #2: WW2’s x 40 reps
  • Corner #3: Hello Dollys x 40 reps
  • Corner #4: Squats x 40 reps

Quick mosey to basketball courts for suicides until time.


  • Counterama #17
    Announcerama (see Comments)
    Prayer(glory to God)


  • Thankful for the my first opportunity to Q a workout(thank you DTH for pushing me out of my comfort zone), and all the guys that made it out in the rain to put in the effort. Thought it could be interesting to try a workout without any cadence and just rolling right into things with a longer warm-up mosey(I like running). Those first wet and muddy WW2’s during our mosey really got the fun started. A solid effort all around. Shoutout to Rosie for always setting a good pace and really encouraging the push with every exercise, strong work bro. Shoutout to Peedee for making it out again and really gritting through pain and giving it that 110%. It was a pleasure to join you in the Triple Check bro. Loved seeing the looks of fatigue and exhaustion after a strong effort when we circle up at the end. Great work guys!

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  1. Great VQ, way to step up and lead this crew, trying to keep up with your pace is exhausting. Well played with the No-Cadence Q, maybe one day we’ll experience an FP cadence but the running warmup was a nice mix.
    Those that have been around know that if it’s going to rain after a drought, of course it will be at NoToll.

  2. Great job Fresh Prince…that was an awesome VQ! Thanks for bringing the rain today…icing on the cake.

    Looking forward to your next Q…feel free to bring on the No-Cadence and start with the running anytime.

  3. Great VQ and genius idea on the no-cadence. Really got a full 45 minutes in today and the combination Partner Dora-Triple Check brought the burn. Lots of burpees and WWIIs. Great all around beatdown. Well done FP! Welcome to the Q sheet.

    Love the Rains of NoToll and those luscious, wet fields….

  4. Awesome VQ! Brilliant on the no cadence warm up. Appreciate the energy the pax always starts my day with. Thanks Hermie and Gumbo for pushing the triple check!

  5. Nacy – great partnering with you and Hermie. The Vegan team killed it. Glad to see you made it home safely too….presumably.

  6. Way to crush it, Fresh Prince. You handled it like a pro! I like your style of rolling in at about 5:28 and getting right to it…oh to be 29 again! Look forward to more of those Q’s.