Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Speak of the Devil


A Lucky 7 or Redwood Pax showed up for a nice little beatdown. Cooler temps prevailed and Fall was finally in the air.

Off to the front of the school for COP.

  • SSH
  • Don Q
  • Russian Soldiers
  • Copperhead Squats
  • Scorpion Kicks

Off to the church across the street being sure to mind the Gomer Pyle speed bump. Red Barchetta was called for the front parking lot including 100 SSH, 75 LBCs, 50 Mountain Climbers, 25 Merkins. There was talk about “doing a dukes of hazzard slide” across the the hood of a car in the way. However, this Subaru Forrester had a hood scoop that might get in the way or leave a mark.

Mosey to the back church parking lot for Ascending 4 Corners.

  • Corner 1 – 10 HRM
  • Corner 2 – 10 HRM, 20 4-count American Hammers
  • Corner 3 – 10 HRM, 20 4-count American Hammers, 30 Jump Squats
  • Corner 4 – 10 HRM, 20 4-count American Hammers, 30 Jump Squats, 40 Donkey Kicks

I said there were 7 of us, but up to this point there were only 6. Bodos literally emerged from the shadows behind the church wall and joined us. Timing is everything and it was good to have him.

Now for some Church Triple Check – Partner 1 runs the length of the parking lot and back; Partner 2 does BTTW; Partner 3 does Flutter Kicks.

Mosey back to Hoedown for some 11s: Bicycle rack merkins and step jumps.

Mosey around back for a medley of Mary and other exercises including: Flutter Kicks, APDs, left leg raises, right leg raises, BTTW, Merkin Ring of Fire, Running a lap of the horseshoe, and 5 Burpees to close it out.


The Pax was chatty today. Prior to Bodo’s arrival, there was a lot of critiquing of the church grounds. Opportunities for improvement, odd placement of features, and an unscorable basketball hoop. Bodo’s heard this numerated list despite already being off to a bad start due to cleaning up the aftermath of a dog in a trashbag that delayed him. He took it in stride and politely redirected the complaints.

Ronnie loves to talk car insurance and fat shaming Pax members with girth. The latter may have been out of actual concern for the odd noise produced during the HRMs, but almost unleashed an Upchuck counterattack. A sign to the Q that he should have neutralized that chatter with a dose of burpees.

YHC took us out reflecting on the 2-year anniversary of Hoedown and with a challenge to pay forward three unexpected acts of kindness today.


  • November 8 – Greenbow has a charity event for a good cause. See him for details.
  • There was something else, but YHC cannot recall.

Time to Taper,



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  1. Question to the group; why don’t we have a Hoedown shirt? RVA’s least illuminated AO needs to represent.

  2. Thanks for receiving the latecomer. I appreciate all the helpful feedback about how to improve the church grounds. I will be sure to file it away somewhere dark and cold.

  3. Super morning for workout. Personal theory: Bodo’s received a phone call from the church security guard about a group of hoodlums in the parking lot and posted late to protect the PAX from certain arrest.

    For the next Vinny’s Field Day, maybe we can have Men of Girth as a team?

  4. Excellent Q. I enjoyed the banter, even if I did almost release an Upchuck attack.

    I like the all black Hoedown t-shirt design. Perhaps a matching balaclava to complete the look?

  5. I enjoyed today’s mublechatter. Hoedown always has great atmosphere and wonderful people willing to incentivize personal growth of others through public shaming.

  6. Well, after the Miata discussion a few weeks ago you figured a good offensive would keep you off the defense?

  7. Handshake, as I was reading this comment, definitely thought it was going in the direction of “incentivizing personal growth over actually getting a workout” 😂

    Thanks for leading Lockjaw!