Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No Dice!!


YHC saw the open Q slot so he jumped on the opening at his favorite AO “The Wolf”. Time to get going on my second Q and hopefully the cadence thing is now worked out. This and my son of all things picked an exercise dice at Dave and Busters from the ticket/junk store (only cost me $40) and I was dying to try it out. YHC was eager to get to the gloom and showed up 5 minutes early for an awaiting Pax. Kudos to Marmaduke, POG and Honeymoon for logging some early extra credit miles. 10 gloom warriors ready to engage at start. While I thought the dice would add some varie Mosey to the front of school zig zagging for COP warm-up. • SSHx20, DQ’sx10, Arm circlesx16 (16 in honor of OC), Windmillx10, Side Lunge (Vanilla Ice) x10 each side, Copper head squat X10, Russian Soldier x10, LBC’s x20, Merkin X20 Counting difficulties were somewhat ironed out, there may have been some moments of mishap.

COP Mosey to Light pole Alley (with said die in hand) The air was thick but Doozy cut us a path, although the PAX dusted him the last pole (about 12ft). With several new pax I thought we should introduce them to light pole alley. I thought the dice would add some variety but several of the same kept popping up, some audible were called. Light poll alley Roll Dice, do exercise, run pole to pole. PAX alternates between AG and planks for the six. Repeato until time expires. Exercises included: SSHx25 x2 Squat JumpsX20 x2 LBC’s x20 Merkens x20 One minute plank There may have been more but it is foggy this late.

YHC looked at watch and 5 minutes to go. YHC had a hunkering for some dips (since it came up on the dice several times)! Off to the front of school picnic tables we went. Dips x40, dips x 20! Back to the flag.

Great job Marmaduke, Honeymoon and POG getting some extra credit. Way to go PeeDee and Boberry for staying with it. Doozy always setting a good pace. Hermie and Punx thanks for pushing me.

Numberama, Namarama, Announcements: Doozy still looking for a name for his new Business. “That’s a Doozy” among others were suggested. Thanks for the honor of leading today. It is always awesome to be around those that choose to be Hero’s and go above rather than victims who blame others for their downs. Thanks NM crew for getting my ass out of bed! YHC took us out!


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  1. Thanks for leading Nancy! Appreciated be a hero not a victim. Di must’ve been lop sided

  2. Boberry I think my son weighted it because he likes dips. Good seeing you continue to post. It’s Botime

  3. I am so bummed I am always missing Nancy’s Q. I think you should sign up for a Dog Pile Q! Looks like a real beating.