Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

BT back in action !


4 Studs posted @ Roller Coaster and here is how it went down.

Swiper : a whole bunch of short loops = shorties !

TYA : short loops = shorties !

BT : back in action baby – dude ran a little walked a little – great to see you back. Easy does it buddy…

Swirly : Windsor Farms 4 miler.

Great run guys – enjoyed the fellowship afterwords – see y’all in the gloom !


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  1. Big Tennessee on

    Thanks, fellas. Glad to get at keast a taste of the old routine. Slowly but surely. On a burpee-restricted diet for now, but it shouldn’t be too long. BTW, Shakedown and I are starting a MTB team. All are welcome.