Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Two Laps Forward, One Lap Back


12 worthy, brave and patient men gathered at SOT for another OC adventure.

Warmup –

  • Mozey around the school buses as we wait for #2 New Market Car to arrive. Wilson…we heard it was your fault and you still didn’t make it!
  • Mozey down to the track for circle up and warm up
  • Warm up consisted of side straddle hops, helicopters, Don Quixotes (damn…these feel good in the morning), arm circles and Russian soldiers.
  • Once again, YHC nailed the cadence. This despite the efforts of the mettlesome Nancy Lopez.

After Warmup, mozey over to the track for The Thang.

  • Run 2 laps – complete 100 Merkins of any combination.
  • Run 1 lap backwards – complete 100 situps of any combination

Repeat until time is called. This was a tough one, particularly the run backwards as the quads started to burn about 1/2 way.

YHC realized that 100 Merkins was a “Looks good on paper” idea and called the audible for 50 in round 2 and then 25 in round 3. Slim, Doozey and Tobit were appreciative of this decision as they led the PAX in rounds completed. All men stepped up for the workout today; this one was not easy.

Mozey back to the flag for a quick stretch. This was a nice alternative to Ring-of-Fire. YHC will bring this one back for sure.

Numberrama/Namarama with Slim taking us out in prayer. It was great to have Slim with us again this week. Hope your travels bring you back our way soon.


  • Doozey is available for work on sheds, decks, etc. Contact him if you need some work done or know of people who do.
  • Puppy pile Saturday
  • IronPax week #4 challenge Friday at TwinTeam. DTH has the Q.

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  1. Always a great Q OC! The stretch at the end was just what was needed after quad ripping backward run.

  2. The pain is real, OC! Pretty sure I’ve never ran backward that much before. Nice Q…you nailed th cadence.