Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Pitchfork, my way


Fourteen Spider Run regulars met with prepared enthusiasm for intervals. No intervals today, instead the Pitchfork Splinter-style was called. TYA briefly attempted to repeat instructions but failed, so YHC jumped back in and reiterated for the late arrivals. It’s a regular route so not many questions.

The Route
Proceed towards the bridge via the River Road entrance and continue down Westham Station. Everyone runs along the tracks then heads right up South Ridge to the light. 4 milers turn around at the light and head back. 5 milers turn around and make a left at Old Bridge on the way back and hit Highland to River. Return and back to the flag. 6 milers do the 5 mile + go all the way up Old Bridge then also hit Panorama on the way back.

Digits, salutations and YHC took us out.

It was good to be back. Let’s hope this sticks and YHC can make this a regular occurrence again. Great group of guys to run with and an almost great morning.

YHC enjoys this route as everyone gets to experience South Ridge. Plus there are plenty of crossover points where pleasantries and general words of encouragement can be exchanged along the way.

Marv was hoping for a route by his abode so he could pick up his FND. TYA still hasn’t named her from her FND appearance three weeks ago. She can’t come back until TYA names her appropriately. FWIW, there are many suggestions out there.

Great job to all. Mileage was closer to 4.3, 5.4, 6.4 for those keeping track.

Puppy pile at 7:05 Saturday morning at Dogwood Dell

Bear creek registration is open

The McShin Foundation is a great recovery organization here in our own backyard. We all know someone that has dealt with addiction, past or present. Everyone needs a support network. Luckily our region has a great program like McShin to provide the support needed.

Splinter out.


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