Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Haiku 4 U


Fours to Tapoan

Fives to U of R Commons

Sixes go-round lake


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  1. Nice work today fellas. Saab is pleased most were able to stay within the instructed route and not get lost. Next time I will equip Duke with a rape-whistle for his own safety…if not for the safety of others.

    I hear it pays to run with Handshake. His expensive watch rounds-up to the nearest mile.

  2. I’m not really sure what happened with my watch, it said the one of the miles was a 4:57 pace? I’m assuming that’s where that extra half a mile came from? Regardless, that’s the fastest run and fastest mile I’ve run. The cool air and fast partners made for a great run.