Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Old Dominion


TYA arrived walking down the road with shoes in hand. YHC advised that they work better on his feet.

TYA was chatty in the am asking “what if” ultra-running questions to the Pax. Everyone needs a hobby.

YHC called the new Route and off we went. This route was a pleaser and Marv mentioned the 6-mile route looked like the state of Virginia. We shall call this route The Old Dominion, or OD for those into brevity.

Face Plant took us out.




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  1. I believe the answer TYA was looking for if you’re in a race and know you won’t finish is to finish the Patriot Way, you cheat.

  2. The OG OD.

    Sorry to miss guys. I’m almost ready. Will be back next week for a special edition Splinter Q return to Spider Run.

    BTW – this post is a shot across the bow of #bigdata. Does anyone care?

  3. Given the recent backlash to big data, Vinny and Kubota may have to be put on on suicide watch….

    Otherwise I defer to the Q…who was either displaying his rebellious tendencies or a penchant for brevity.

  4. I’m onto LJ’s antics. By listing himself as QIC but not in the PAX it actually boosts his Q ratio even more.