Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Finding Good Uses for Pickleball Courts


Ten of the faithful posted on a lovely late-summer morning at GridIron. Johnsonville (YHC) took the Q, and this is what went down, more or less:

COP warmup — Don Quiotes, Imperial Walkers, 50x arm circles (front) + 10 big, merkins, LBCs, 50x arm circles (back) + 10 big.

Mosey over to the grassy knoll past the dozen or so pickleball courts that Henrico county is building on the site that formerly housed the sand volleyball courts.

10 minutes of burpees — no explanation need.

Mosey to original pickleball courts. 10 rounds of suicides divided by various plank and wall-sit exercises. After round 6, we took a break by moseying to the nearby pavilion and doing 10 rounds of ciabatta merkins. We rotated through 2 stations of abyss merkins. After round 8 we took a break with an ark loader across the courts (bear crawls, bunny hops, backward runs, back bunny hops).

Mosey back to the pavilion for 4 rounds of ciabatta dips.

COT with Earthworm taking us out. Coffeeteria (although many, YHC included, had to skip due to family obligations).

Lots of running at this one, which is not typical for GridIron. Way to step up! Jville


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