Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Night Lining. Just Lining the Field at Night.


Seventeen steely eyed quants gathered at the hardpan known as 45 Minutes of Mary for a brief discussion on biscuits and the ‘ville where they are made. No time for questions, off the Q went with nary a sound. Regardless, the hoi palloi followed to home plate for a welcome, disclaimer, and reminder that the only barrier to entry is counting to 20. The following recap is close enough to reality:

Don Quixote x10
Burpee x1
Copperhead Squats x15
Burpee x2
American Hammers x20
Burpee x3
Swimmers x10
Burpee x4
High Knees x15
Burpee x5
Imperial Walkers x20
Burpee x6
Freddie Mercuries x20
Burpee x7
Jump Squats x10
Burpee x8
Something else xSome number
Burpee x9
Something else xSome number
Burpee x10

The Thang
Quick mosey over to the tennis court (since the field was occupied) and line up on the sideline for repeating line drills. Lines were the spaces between the courts + the end line on the far side. Every time you get to a “line” you stop and do an exercise. After each line drill perform various plankorama formations. Exercises were:

Merkins x10
Mountain Climbers – 2 count x10
Jump Squats x10
WWIIs x10
Burpees x5

Gallop over to the school for today’s variation of triple check. People’s Chair, LBCs, and the pace car bear crawled to the end of the world and back.

Four minutes of mary including V-ups, speed round of APDs, American Hammers, and Flutter Kicks.

Dart back to the flag where we all rung out our shirts and gloves, gathered for a counting exercise to 17 and then declared our F3 given names. YHC took us out with thoughts and prayers to all in our PAX that are recovering but specifically Viral. Keep him in your prayers.

YHC was performing his pre-workout ritual before leaving the house for WDog yesterday when he noticed that somehow the Mary Q was open for the following day. So YHC jumped on it, not having Q’d mary in quite some time. It was a pleasure to lead.

Speaking of pleasures, YHC gathered there were many pleasures out there today. Grunts, groans, and many thanks for the burpee count today. Evenly spaced out, YHC believes they weren’t too bad today.

Great to see TYA and Marv this morning. YHC thinks we were close to naming Marv’s dog from his FNG appearance 9 days ago but alas, still no declared name. Suggestions following some of the greatest calls in sports history will continue… to Vinny’s delight.

Way to push through everyone, not a great day for a high intensity workout.

YHC declares a moratorium on biscuit talk pre-workout.

Puppy Pile at 7:05 on 9/28.
Retreat next weekend. Meet Vinny at the Lowes on 360 at 11am or text him for address.

Peace out fellas. Big Data is still watching…



  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Solid Q Splinter – thanks for leading !
    Great work guys !
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Awesome Q, Splinter. Felt this one the second I hopped up to grab my second round of office coffee.

    Long live Biscuitville.

  3. Splinter-great Q! Already calling silence on biscuit talk…boo hoo!! In all seriousness, they are not everywhere. Vinny, just kidding. Get it all out and have a super day men!

  4. Biscuit talk pre-workout makes biscuit loving men hungry. No one wants an hangry Swirly at 530 in the AM.