Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Pre Festival DogPile


22 HIMs, including an FNG fought off the fart sack to catch what Coach Wojo had in store on a Football Saturday. With a crowd building amongst the PAX and some Byrd Park festival on lookers it was time to boogie when the clock struck 6.


Mosey to the Ampitheater circle for COP.

F3 Welcome, F3 Mantra, F3 Disclaimer. Welcome FNG!

SSHs, DQs, Imperial Walkers, Arm Circles (inclduing reverso), Helicopters, Merkins and LBCs. Warm? Let’s Boogie. 2 Dips for each step down the amphitheater. Al Gore for the Six.

The Thang

Exercise I – Amphitheater Triple Check

Utilizing the stage experience from Wilson’s stage workout, groups of 3. One member People’s Chair, one member runs the perimeter of the amphitheater, one member balls to the wall. ABCs for the six. Mosey to the Rusty Cage.

Exercise II – Rusty Cage Triple Check

Groups of Three: Pull Ups, Bar Dips, Bear Crawl to the Hydrant and Mosey back was audible to Walking Lunges (Great catch Kryptonite). Al Gore for the Six. Mosey back to the Amphitheater.

Exercise III – Climbin’ Out

Ladder of Incline Merkins and Box Jumps. Start at 18-1 and work up to 1-18. Box jumps always up to the next step. Audible back to the Flag at 6:59am. Kudos to the PAX on gutting this one out.

Numberama, Namerama, YHC took us out.

Heck of a showing this morning, bright and early and the best start to a Saturday. Welcome Aladdin! and thank you to Kryptonite for bringing him out. Look forward to seeing you more in the Gloom. Enjoyed partnering Loose Goose and Hustler on the first triple check; with Helix, Sippy and Offshore at the Rusty Cage

A message YHC closed with that is resounding each and every day:

Lord, help us remember that you care not only about the big problems that come our way but also the small and nagging things that buzz around our heads like mosquitoes, help us to trust in you in all of our ways.

Enjoyed it! SYITG Fellas!


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    – Poker @ DTH’s tonight
    – BRR This weekend, kill it fellas!
    – Biking Option at Sunday Funday
    – Retreat, please sign up even if you are not staying overnight!
    – Prayers to Kryptonite and his family. Appreciate your mission and service!