Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Back to school crawl bear


6 PAX gathered at Heartbreak Ridge to kick off the 2019-20 school year. It went like this:

Mosey around the parking lot to the field house for warmup of 20x SSH, 10x Helicopter (yes, singular), 5x super slow Don Quixote, 15x Cherry Pickers, 15x LBC and 10x Merkins.

Back up to the parking lot and around the perimeter, stopping at each of the 18 painted arrows for an alternating 5x Lt. Dan, 5x MHs, 5x star jumps at each arrow. Plank for the six. Mental note that Google imagery inaccurately depicts 12 arrows…

Down to the Jerkin Gym and partner up for three rounds of 10x jerkins and 20x PLTs. Plank for the six. Run one lap on the track with a Bernie corner. Gather at the field house for Wall of Fire: hold the people’s chair lineup while each PAX member alternates down the line for 10x donkey kicks, 10x merkins, 10x LBCs and 7x burpees.

YHC has somehow lost the weinky. Honeydo or Handshake suggested a GP classic: crawl bear over-under on the railings by the field house. Improvised for a quick 2x session, Al Gore for the six. Mosey to the hill by the parking lot. Classic Dora 100x Merkins, 200x LBC, 300x squats. Timer runs up the hill + 5x coupon curls for the girls at the top. GP audible at ~200 squats to bear crawl up the hill and head back to the flag.

Numberama, namerama, no announcements and YHC took us out. Super quick wrap up to get everyone home for the excitement. Summer fun, check. Start of school, check. Crawl bear, check. Great way to start another school year.



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  1. It was good to return to Heartbreak. First day of the year – check. First day of the school year – check. I will be sure to rejoin you sooner next time.

    The coupons were a nice touch. Anything with a hill and weights definitely adds to the challenge.