Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

How do you say Henrico ?


What a day for a VQ, dark and a cool 68 degrees for 15 F3 men to take on WDOG and the morning went something like this:

COP – Mosey to the Ampitheater for some warm ups:

20 SSH, 10 DQ (slow pace for us old guys), 10 Arm Circles small and 5 more big then Reverso 10,5, 11(that’s right) helicopters, 10 4 count merkins

and 10LBC’s. My heart is jumping out my chest now.


Mosey to the Barrel and start with 10 donkey kicks run down the hill up the other side to perform 10 cranes(karate kid) 5 each leg. Triple check so we did this fun activity 3 times. Early finishers planked until the remaining group finished. YHC asked for a 10 count and received a 10 then 1! This group is ready for more so…

Mosey to the Triangle road of pain, at top of hill start with lunges from crop circle to intersection, run down hill, 20 LBCs and Bernie Saunders up the hill to crop circle, we did this 3 times. Early finishers planked and YHC asked for a 10 count and received all 10 numbers this time…ok better we are feeling some pain now.

Mosey to the rusty cage(thank you Swirly for the tour guide direction) and we divide into groups of 3. Partner 1 is the coach, partner 2 gets into the pullup position with chin over the bar (this is very hard to maintain). Partner 3 runs to the hydrant and back as the timer, this was a triple check and looked much easier on paper, very hard to execute but everyone gutted this out and stayed with the cage.

Mosey to crop circle on the way back to the flag start position and stopped with line on each side facing each other to do 10 booyah merkins and 20 booyah situps(legs interlocking…almost a good idea) where in the up position we alternate hand slaps, but some faces were getting in the way.

Mosey to the start point and circled up.

Numberama and announcements and YHC took us out.

YHC wants to thank everyone that showed up today, with little sleep as I was excited to do this and nervous that I would over sleep…not possible. We had alot of mumble chatter especially with the crane activity at the start and it is quite a sight to come up the hill and see 10+ grown men performing the crane and was glad we were on the ground and not a piling (we heard yellow card, sweep the leg, and your Bruce Lee(I’m sorry Mr. Miyagi) sound effects to fill the morning gloom. The triangle was a small shout out to the BRR men as we wanted a little cardio work out. The cage was a beast and everyone gutted this out. No one took a break we worked out the entire 45 minutes and it was an honor to lead this group of fine men! Gumbo had the rat workout outfit, classic and we discussed how to pronounce ‘Henrico’ and thank you to Gomer Pyle for getting Hollywood and Dabo to this workout. Phonics was the catalyst that compelled me to join the F3 brotherhood on May 14, 2019…and now I am on the Q sheet! I look forward to seeing you in the gloom. Cheers! CB


Timberwolf Convergence is the Monday(Labor Day) workout and will start at 7am!

Vinny is finalizing the gift from F3 for WOJO’s family.

BRR is in 7 days and a wake up…so good luck to the men taking this on.


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I grew up in Roanoke, Va. Class of 1985 Cave Spring High, class of 1989 VMI Civil Engineering. Worked for Turner Construction in Jacksonville, Miami and Cincinnati, Moved to Richmond, Licensed Class A contractor, and work for Westminster Canterbury Richmond managing their major expansion for the next 4 years. I am married to a Librarian Betsy (UVA grad) and proud father of two awesome teenagers George (aka Hash-F3) and Lucy.


  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Solid VQ man – welcome to the Q sheet !
    Way to work guys.
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. And your voice only cracked once! Fun VQ today CB. Nice variety. This BRR guy didn’t want anymore hill work, but it was much needed, I’m sure. Welcome to the Q sheet.

  3. Bummed to be out of town for this one, nice work Corned Beef. Did you get your VQ done before you finished your summer tour?

  4. Well done today Corned Beef! That pull-up hang triple check was brutal. Thanks for partnering with me Gomer Pyle and Handshake.