Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



21 of F3’s faithful found their way to No Toll this morning for a Flange VQ…not my VQ, but perhaps someone in the crowd had not previously attended a Flange Q and was just excited to be there. 

5:30 Mosey to the main parking lot:

DQ’s, Hillbillies, Russian Soldiers, Copper Head Squats, LBC’s, Merkins, Shoulder Taps


Partner up and line up along the end line on the large field.  Partner 1 begins to Bear Crawl length of field, while Partner 2 is performing 15 Smurf Jacks. At completion of Jacks, Partner 2 run to catch 1 and they switch.  Continue to the other side of field.  Run around and go back the same way, 10 Jacks, rather than 15. 

Count off in 4’s for a four corner workout.  1’s, 2’s, 3’s, 4’s all go to their respective corners.  Corner 1 is performing 25 hand release Merkins, corner 2-50 Squats, corner 3-75 2 count Mountain Climbers, corner 4-100 SSH’s.  After completing an exercise at each corner, run to midfield and on to the next corner.  So, each PAX member will have done all corners and exercises, with the run in between each corner.   Make sense?  My best explanation with a quick typing of this…

Mosey to Basketball Courts for another 4 corner type of workout.  4 rounds of the same exercise each round, starting with 7 reps per corner on the 1st round, then adding 7 for each additional round.  Between rounds, run to the entrance of the playground and back.  1st round was 7 Hand Release Merkins at each corner, 2nd was 14 Carolina Dry Docks, 3rd 21 Jump Squats, 4th 28 WWII’s.  Again, best explanation…

1-1/2 minutes left, circle up for 50 count SSH’s. 

Back to the “Flag” – YHC needs to get a flag…can’t take the one off the house! 

Nubmerama, Namerama, PAX took us out with the Lord’s Prayer.


Convergence-Labor Day 7AM Timberwolf

Retreat-9/21.  YHC has to bow out of this weekend (30th high school reunion that old buddies have talked YHC into attending).  With that, Sugar Sock is now looking for a Corn Hole Partner, team name Half Nelson. 

YHC was feeling really good leaving the house this morning, 64 degrees and pumped for what hoped to be a solid workout.  It’s always an honor to lead and work alongside you Men!  As we made our way to the courts, YHC saw a car with the headlights running and asked Tobit, is that one of ours?  Sure enough, Bone Thug emerged and joined in for the last 20 minutes or so.  After the COT, he commented that someone had told him the AO started at 6AM.  Must have been one of the Mechanicsville boys mixed up on the time zone change…


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  1. I had heard roomers of your Q’s but I had not attended a Flange beatdown until this morning. Note to self: Don’t poke fun at the Q before or during a beating.

    My shoulders are tired of merkins and Carolina Dry Docks.

  2. Total body bruiser. Well done Flange. That was a lot of darn WWIIs in the 4-corners on the courts. I like the pain stops intermingled with plenty of running. Well done.