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Fibonacci’s dark secrets


A long time ago in a land far away there lived a man named Fibonacci. That wasn’t his real name of course. It was just a made up name. His real name was too hard to pronounce so he chose a name that was easy to rhyme with “bocce” and “splotchy”. Since today is in fact a Fibonacci day, this workout was dedicated to him and his lasting effect on the world of math. Because of him, we do not have to use those wretched Roman numerals because he introduced the Hindu-Arabic numeral system to Europe which we still use to this day. And he also had this cool sequence of numbers named for him. Thank you Fibonacci. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts. But YHC digresses…

COP — SSH, LBC, Tempo Merkins, reverse crunches, AST’s, American hammers, plank jacks, DQ’s

(Many PAX members were unaware that Fibonacci had his demons and was definitely far from perfect. YHC did some research on the dark web that casts a serious shadow on the life of our hero Fibonacci.)

He looks like an innocent schoolboy but his many secrets were recently brought to the light of day after the raid on Area 51. What the hell is up with that stupid hat?

The first of his unknown secrets uncovered on the dark web was his nightly ritual of sneaking out of his house and down to the convent to play a little Peeping Tom action on the nunnery not too far from his house. In honor, we did 2 sneaky merkins, ran for a bit, picked up a a kettle bell and then did 3 bob and weaves (to duck out of sight of the Mother Superior when she came around). Increase to 5 sneaky merkins and 8 bob and weaves. Then 13 sneaky merkins and 21 bob and weaves. Fibonacci never got caught in his little sneaky game. But the dark web knows…

from L. to R. Mario, Super Mario, Luigi

More research on the dark web revealed his out of control passion for the plumbers wife who lived on the outskirts of town. This was the result of their secret tryst. Three high spirited baby boys who showed a knack for getting into trouble and going on wild adventures across many worlds. In honor of the triplets, we did the illegitimate triple check. 1st time — timer is the donkey kicker who did 8 — others were doing KB Thrusters and lawnmowers. All complete that round. Then up the ante to 13 DK’s for all. Up the ante again to 21 DK’s.

Prison is hell, especially for a guy like Fibonacci who wore a weird looking hat.

Things really spiralled out of control after that as Fibonacci spent some time in the local slammer for racketeering and tax fraud. (He was good with numbers, but not that good). In the big house, he developed a very important game called Don’t Drop the Soap. In honor, we played the same game with Kettle bells. Hold the KB out in front with straight arms. Upon dropping the KB, do a penalty lap around the loop and then come back and do 5 overhead presses. play again with penalty lap and 8 presses, then again with a lap and 13 overhead presses.

Fibonacci gets back in line. After his ugly and sordid past, the dark web notes that his life was changed and he got back on the straight and narrow. In honor of this, the PAX got in a line and passed a KB from person to person to celebrate his changed life. Each pax member would pass the KB and then run to the back of the line to continue the fun.

Numbers, Names, Announcements

YHC took us out.

NMS — Yes, today is a Fibonacci day but YHC didn’t realize this until he came home and talked to his daughter about what we did this morning. She asked “Is today a Fibonacci day?” YHC was astonished upon looking at the date that it actually was!! 8 and 21 are on the sequence! Weird!! Had fun this morning, gentlemen! Remember if you need to scoop some dirt on anyone, the dark web is there for you!


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