Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Pick your poison (hill) and run until your nipples bleed


A baker’s dozen posted in the soupy (almost Gumbo-y) gloom of River Run to log some miles for BRR training, to check a box for the summer tour or just to start their day off right with some F3. No matter what the reason, it was a great choice.

YHC explained today’s route, our choice of routes, leave BWES and head towards Twin Team but take a right on the trail instead of a left. Down to Gumbo’s neighborhood and take a left on Riverdowns South. Proceed to the second intersection (Riverdowns South, Kings Farm and Queens Grant). This was affectionately known as HOME BASE for the morning. About .89 miles from school to HOME BASE.

From HOME BASE, you had the choice of two hills, each .5 miles to the top/turn around. Queens Grant hill is 0.53 miles from HOME BASE to the stop sign at the top – 128ft of gain for an average of 4.7% grade – long and steep. Hill #2 (straight on Riverdowns South to the second road (Post Mill)) was .5 miles with 66ft of gain and average grade of 3% – slow and steady. Pick your poison. Run whichever ones you want or alternate, as many times as you can before getting back to the flag for COT…GO!

COT, Number-rama, Name-a-rama and YHC took us out.


  • Puppy Pile on Saturday
  • Convergence on Labor Day 0700 at Timberwolf
  • See Shakedown if you are interested in one of the Summer Tour patches he ordered – first come first served, $5 a piece.
  • Vinny is collecting money (but if you Venmo – send it to me and I’ll right Vinny a check) for Wojo’s family.
  • Orange Crush’s 2.0 is recovering and a meal train is set up. https://www.mealtrain.com/trains/m13gn3


Wow it was steamy this morning. Felt like we were all running in Gumbo. That didn’t stop Rosie from getting some extra credit or Tobit and POG and Hutton and Swiper from demolishing the hills. Tobit got 4 trips up the best that is Queens Grant Hill…RESPECT!

Lug continues to crush it. I’m pretty sure his shirt weighed more than him by the end of the run today.

Great to have DK back in the mix, and great to have LabRat in the Southern Hemisphere for the second time in less than a week.

The New Market running crew came out – two of them (Wilson (duh) and Marmaduke) in long sleeves. They must be trying to cut weight before their next MMA weigh-in.

Well done fellas.

No More Gumbo For you!


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  1. Great work this morning guys.

    The first shot of soapy water on my bleeding nipples hurt like hell this morning. But nothing some bag balm can’t cure.

  2. Gumbo – as we pulled into the parking lot we learned you were the Q and I said – he will take us to hell and back. Thanks for that trip…………….good routes and Duke & I learned Bullseye’s version of flat is WAY different than ours. It was for sure what I needed, not wanted………good job to everyone. Y’all are some serious runners…….now do it with multiple layers (might help with bleeding) and long sleeves!! See you boys in the gloom.

  3. I am SMOKED from two helpings of Gumbo this morning….but my nipples arent bleeding, so I’ve got that going for me. Which is nice.

    That hill was intense!