Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Equal Opportunity DTH Caberama


Arriving early to scout the AO, YHC found a construction site where the sand volleyball court used to be… so YHC took a jaunt around the AO to scout new COP points. Just about that time, Tater pulled up, and was noted to spend a few minutes in deep contemplation swinging on the playground swing set. There is something wonderful and mysterious about a full grown man enjoying a swing set all by himself. There were just four gloom warriors to take on the day, but as the watch ticked over 7am, the Jville clown car came in hot with another 4 studs – so an even 8 paired up and (much to their surprise) collected their cabers from YHC’s truck. 


Mosey to Gridiron for COP#1:

  • Partners shoulder-carry cabers, stopping every 20 yards circumnavigating the field for x3 overhead press, alternating shoulders
  • Circle up for SSH x20 IC
  • Standing Caber Squat Press with Partner x20 OYO
  • DQ’s x10 IC
  • Caber Curls w Partner x10 IC
  • Little Baby Caber Crunches w Partner x10 IC
  • Caber Bench Press w Partner x10 IC
  • Rapid Alternating Feet on Cabers x20 IC
  • Find a new partner/caber

Mosey to Field within the Track for COP #2: 

  • Round 1:  Caber Toss Suicides – spread out & cross a 30 yard space and back by tossing caber as far as possible (either as a team or individual tosses) running back together to touch baseline between throws 
  • Plankorama on Cabers for the SIX
  • Round 2:  CaBEAR Crawls – bear crawl across 20 yard space and back pushing caber in front
  • WWII’s for the SIX
  • Round 3: CRABer Walks – crab walk across 20 yard space and back kicking caber along in front
  • SSH for the SIX
  • Find a new partner/caber

Mosey to the Further Parking Lot for COP #3:

  • x2 Unbroken Squats each parking space across the lot (Caber held overhead the entire time) – total of 18 parking spaces
  • x2 Caber Curls x18 spaces returning
  • ABC’s for the SIX

Return to Track area for COP #4:

  • Circle up for Crab Cakes x20 IC
  • Derkins with feet on cabers, x20 OYO
  • Dancing Bears x20 IC
  • Incline Merkins on cabers, x10 OYO
  • LBC’s x20 IC
  • Find a new partner/caber

Mosey up to the roadside grass for COP #5:

  • Triple Check
  • Partner 1 (Timer) performs WMD Crawl: BearCrawl x10 steps w hands spaced wide, perform x10 Werkins, then x10 normal BC steps followed by x10 standard Merkins, then x10 narrow BC steps followed by x10 Diamond Merkins
  • Partner 2 – Post Hole Diggers (squat to lift standing caber high overhead then slam it down into the ground)
  • Partner 3 – Monkey Humpers for the drivers passing by

Mosey Back to Flag:

  • Stow cabers in YHC’s truck
  • Circle up for MARY: APD’s, Flutters, Heels to Heaven, times up!


  • Counterama #8
  • Namerama (renamed Touchya to BAMBI)
  • Announcerama (see Comments)
  • YHC took us out in Prayer


  • YHC has been looking for the right time to deliver another Caber Q, and it only seemed right that our GridIron friends who did not have the pleasure of YHC’s Dogpile Caberama, have equal opportunity to test their strength. The routine was nearly identical to the Dogpile Caberama, and the GridIron boys (many of Respectful years) did an excellent job throwing around the Cabers. This was the 3rd Q for DTH this week, and the Qenergy was really slacking by the time WMD’s came around – many thanks to White Deer for the encouragement to push on! After our Namerama, with YHC’s encouragement to get an F3RVA shirt, it became clear that we needed to rename Touchma (Birch Cox) so his new F3RVA T-shirt wouldn’t incite a CPS case. This brother works at James River Equipment, a John Deere dealer with the buck logo, so “BAMBI” it is! As of writing this backblast it appears we have reached the necessary 12 shirt orders – thank you all for your help!!! 

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  1. Sorry to miss this. Got roasted by Rosie at Dogpile. But Dr. Tryhard killed us at the Anvil on Thurs. so I’m not REALLY sorry for missing this one.

  2. Not sure Dr. Try Hard had to try very hard to stay in front of the PAX this morning. He kept saying “do Something”. White Deer showed Bambi how to eat the bark rubbing off the caper as it was pushed up and down the field. All I can say is 58 -36= 22 You’re welcome back anytime… bring those Capers back. Thanks for the Caper lesson