Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Moon over Mechanicsville and the 7of♦️S


YHC, trying desperately to finish the Summer Tour, found himself at The Creek this morning and was surprised to be volentold that he was the Q… so be it


SSH, Don Quixote’s, Helecopters, Merkins, Imperial Walkers, Russian Soldiers, LBCs or something like that.

Parking lot tracers

Mosey to the picnic tables trying to come up with something when I realized we were 7. No triple check, no partners, but we were 7 and earlier this week Gumbo introduced the 7 of Diamonds so the choice was made to spread that joy to the east side.

Laps around the church (roughly diamond in pattern) we started with 7 burpees at each corner, then 14 Merkins, 21 2 count flutter kicks, 28 WW 2s (that gravel on corner 3 sucks), 21 2 count Mountain Climbers, 14 squat jumps. Running low on time we did the last round all at corner 1 – 28 SSH on your own. Alternating assorted planks and AGs waiting for the six.

It was a pleasure to see you men this morning and an honor to lead. Thank you.


Convergence Labor Day 7:00 Timberwolf. Let a brother know if you need hotel recommendations or a place to crash 😜

Prayers for the families of Nancy Lopez, OC, Helix and all others in need. You are all in our hearts.

Summer Tour patches will be available at the Convergence and after. $5. You just had to participate to get one. Finishing is great but the apirtit of the tour is what’s important

Named shirts – one day left. Get one. They are cool.


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  1. Shakedown Thanks for taking the Q today, Great workout and shout out to Oyster for making the Long trip to The wildlings (north of the 295 wall) back yard! I plan to do the off the books workout 6am Sunday…