Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

“What happens if you do a Beast 3 days in a row?”


That was the question of the morning, as it was evident early on that Lab Rat neither posted nor read the backblast for No Toll from yesterday. I guess we can find out the answer potentially tomorrow at Mary or TWolf since we got round 2 in today.

It was a nice morning, with a breeze and lower humidity. Seems like the southern terminus did not get the thunderstorm that we got in DaVille last night. It had the hard chargers ready to run this morning….right past the Q like they knew where I was going. Upchuck was quick to let them know I can be a slippery one and everybody reigned it in for a minute. We busted out a round of parking lot tracers, then a pretty standard Lab Rat COP to get everybody loose, then hit the main football field for the Beast. Bullseye is a master at the modify exercises game, and gave us a good one for round 5, which for now we will call the “Bullseye”….it’s a back lunge followed by a leg lift. Quad burner for sure! Nice.

Afterwards, we did a modified triple check up the steps on the hill, partner runs while other partner does shifting planks….round 1 elbow, round 2 left hand high, round 3 right hand high. Since that went pretty quick we followed it up with a bleachers tour, serpentining (is that a word? Spellcheck says “nah, dog!”) it up and down the steps. Finish it off with a ring of fire, Rosie style. Al Gore in the circle, drop down and 10 merkins….hold plank as it makes it’s way back around. 10 more merkins then back to Al Gore. Lab Rat stole an extra minute of time to finish up….he apologizes.


-2 runners were hit by a car on Saturday while running with the marathon training group. Lab Rat would like to take this as a reminder that not everybody is looking out for you. Watch for traffic and WEAR LIGHTS AND REFLECIVE GEAR! No early funerals, please.

-Upchuck is on a goal to be able to do 10 merkins by the time he is 90. He can now do 2. Or something like that, I wasnt paying much attention. See him for details.

-Orange Crush’s 2.0 is laid up for 2 months after an infection in his leg. Thoughts and prayers….he is a pretty active kid and 2 months no movement is going to be tough.

-Possible VQ tomorrow at TWolf? Only those who post will know.

Lab Rat apologizes…


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