Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

LabRat and Gumbo play Trading Places…MannDate wins!


A strong 9 posted in the darkness of MannDate with bells in hand – 7 regulars and 2 Summer Tourists, including a clueless Q trying to recall old KB exercises. It came back like riding a bike, sort of, and it went something like this:

Mosey (walk with KBs held high overhead) around the parking lot and over to the lighted area by the front door of the school for COP, including:

  • Don Quixotes (sans KBs)
  • Helicopters (sans KBs)
  • Halos IC both directions
  • Goblet copperhead squats
  • Staggered merkins – IC first with right hand on KB then with left
  • LBCs
  • Sit and press


11s – Swings (your choice or variety) and merkins

Mosey with KBs held high to side of school to the bus loop and line up at first light post:

MannDate’s Light Post Alley:

  • At light post 1 – 10 one-hand swings with each hand
  • walk with KB high to second light post
  • At light post 2 – 10 bent rows with each arm
  • walk to light post 3 passing KB around your waste (slingshot)
  • At light post 3 – 10 boat and canoe

Lay on curb with head off the end — 10 triceps extensions IC and 10 pullovers IC

Back to the alley for a reverse Light Post Alley – same exercises reverse order Light Post 3 back to 1.

Triple Check:

  • Snatch – alternate hands
  • Sit and press
  • Run the bus loop

11s on the school wall with Goblet Squats and Donkey Kicks

Mosey back to the front of the school COP area

Ring of Fire:

  • Hold six inches with KB overhead
  • First man does 10 boat and canoe then back to six inches – pass it around
  • when the 7th man starts boat and canoe, first man does 10 American Hammers and passes it along chasing the boat and canoes.

Time’s up and I’m spent.

COT, Number-rama and Name-a-rama and YHC took us out.


  • Convergence – 0700 at Timberwolf on Labor Day
  • Puppy Pile 8/24
  • DTH is slinging F3 shirts with names – see previous BBs for the link or talk to DTH
  • Prayers out for several PAX members fighting obstacles or with family members going through difficulties – Doozy, TYA’s brother, Helix’s daughter, OC’s son, Wojo’s sister, and others spoken or unspoken. Let’s lift our brothers up and have their backs.


It was a great morning – starting at about 0330 when YHC first woke up, worried I would wake in time to trek to MannDate and worried that I haven’t Q’d a KB workout in a LONG time. Then 0345, 0420 and finally up and at ’em at 0435 – Let’s ROLL. Time to scoop up Rosie and head North.

MannDate was dark but the Davillians turned out to support the guest Q. Much appreciated men. Very strong work today – especially by Chewy leaving it all out there on the bus loop to keep up with Rosie for a lap (and maybe edge him out by a nose — photo finish).

No More Gumbo For You!


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  1. Great times, gents. Thanks for the Northern hospitality and for stomaching a bowl of Southern Gumbo this fine morning.

  2. Gumbo! Great Q brother. Thanks to you and Rosie for making the trip to The North. Come back and Q anytime!