Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Walkabout at GridIron


Twelve of the faithful posted at GridIron last Saturday at 0700. Johnsonville was the self-appointed leader for the morning, and decided to give the PAX a mosey-tour around the AO to reminisce through some of the pain induced over the last 5 years. YHC invited the PAX to make suggestions as memories came to them. Here is a summary of what went down (as best as I can recall):

Mosey through the parking lot and across the footbridge. COP near the sand volleyball court. SSH in cadence.

Mosey around back of the sand volleyball court. Per a suggestion from White Deer, we recreated last summer’s bear crawl race through sand and back.

Mosey to the nearby pavilion for several rounds of dips and step ups (harkening back to many many Saturday workouts).

Mosey through the narrow tree line onto the Striker Park parking lot. Unfortunately, we found that the gravel parking lot formerly littered with splintering railroad ties had been newly paved with lush blacktop and striping. We manage to find an original gravel patch off to the edge between the asphalt and a chain link fence, and that is where we did a number of round of merkins and WWII situps in gravel. That was a call back to Chum Bucket’s infamous day in the gravel 2-3 summers ago.

Mosey back through the tree line to the grassy knoll. Ten burpees OYO.

Mosey along the path by Pouncy Tract Road to the high grassy area above the track. COP Alabama prom dates.

Mosey down to the GridIron in the center of the track. 1/6 of a beast with hand release merkins.

Mosey back up to track. Line up on the track. Bernie Sanders up the hill and across the grassy area to the roadway. Do 10 Lt. Dans. Run back and do 5 merkins. Repeat, descending Lt. Dans to 5.

Indigenous People Run counterclockwise around perimeter of AO, turning left in the front of the school and ending at the entrance. 10 Chicken Peckers each in succession while holding balls to wall.

Mosey around back of the school counterclockwise. Go under pillars and handoff Q to Earthworm. Several rounds of PLTs and Alphabets.

Mosey to courtyard area in back of school. COP American Hammers.

Mosey counterclockwise to grassy area of school at the end of the pillars (south side). COP Flutter Kicks.

Mosey to the front left (when facing school) side of school in the grassy center of the car loop. COP ring of fire.

Mosey back to SF for some concluding Mary. COT with Earthworm bringing on some strong 3rd F.

Coffeeteria by all or nearly all.

There was a lot packed into Saturday’s workout, and I probably missed a few things. It was great having strong numbers and several summer tourists. You all are always welcome.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead. Jville


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  1. I felt young with the bone yard gang! Great venue and appreciated the tour and memories. White Deer is an unbelievable bear crawler, and look forward to visiting here again soon.