Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Partner Up SOJ


15! Yes 15 runners from the North and South arrived “North of the Wall” to enjoy a Sunny and 70 Monday morning run.

Route was the Craney Island/Giles Combo.

Head out onto Atlee Station, turn into Craney Island neighborhood on DeWitt Rd. Head to the back of the neighborhood for a little down/up hill run.

4 milers – Head back the way they came and did a loop in the Giles down and back

5 milers – Loop around Craney Island, a loop around Cool Spring Baptist, then head to Giles for a loop down and back

Glad to have SOJ/New Market joins us this morning. YHC was worried they would outnumber us at one point but the full Colonial 70 team came out ready.

Apologizes to the 5 milers this morning. YHC is still working on this route so we got in a little overtime today




  1. Nothing wrong with a little Extra Credit baby! Thanks for leading us Spit. Great to get up to Tomato Run today. Great run guys.

  2. While I hate running, I enjoyed today’s run. Thanks for picking a great route and to Corned Beef/Opus for keeping a close eye on Duke & I. See y’all soon.