Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Where’d You Get Your Underwear?


Twenty Seven posted for a Dog Pile version of Body by Jake, and Vinny, and Sippy Cup. Here’s what we filmed.

COP: Mosey to grassy area not often used. Circle up. Willie Mays Hayes x 10. Winnie Mays Hayes offers a different version in the video above. Invisible Jump Ropes x 20. Boat Hold x 43. Flutter Kicks x 10. Hello Dollies x 10. Rosalitas x 10. Scissor Kicks x 10. Hardywood LIFO so Boat Hold x 10.

Training Camp: Mosey to Carillon Field and pair up. Sprint length of the field and bang out Boo Yah Burpees x 10. Back peddle back across field for Boo Yah Burpees x 10. Repeat 10 at far end of field and 13 back at the start.

Michael Jackson Video: Thriller Walk (lunges) to the grassy area beside the Carillon.

Kings Dominon Bodies: New partners. Three rounds at :60 per round. Sit ups, all you can eat.

Arctic Blast: Mosey to bowl for Triple Check. Round 1: Partner one Bear Polar up the hill. Chuck Norris Merkins at the top. Polar Bear Back down. Partner 2 – WWIIs / Partner 3 – Lt. Dans. Round 2: Bernie Sanders up the hill. Polar Bear down. Exercises stay the same. Round 3: Run up the hill and back down. Exercises stay the same.

Body By Sippy Cup: Guest appearance by Sippy Cup for 15 minutes of Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. Jabs, Crosses, Knee Slams, and Hooks. A few planks built in for rest.

BTTF: Merkin Ring of Fire – Variety Pack.

Recall took us out. He hates Wilson during the week, but not on Saturdays.

Announcements: Puppy Pile on 8/24 at 7:05. Order your personalized F3 shirts. See Dr. Try Hard and previous BBs for link to order. Time is running out. Tassel making party and poker night at DTHs on Sat. 9/7. See him for details. Bring beads.

Moleskin: Kubota took a sizable spill during Shark Week that put him on the shelf for a week. YHC stepped in to fill the void. Today was fun, and I hope somewhat different. PAX shined bright in spots, except for Wilson. Sippy Cup’s boxing seminar is one of my favorite / least favorite exercises often called at Batteau, so it made sense to have the PAX join in the pain. Hermie may have found his calling as a shadow boxing mime. Strong effort, and no Coors Light was returned! Thanks Sippy Cup for showing us how it’s done.

During the sit-up march, Mr. Roper noted his partner’s underwear, hence the BB title. The conversation continued on from there, but it won’t here in this forum. #NSFW

Dr. Try Hard showed up again with new and shiny toys. This time the kind that hangs on rear view mirrors, graduation caps, and apparently, Shovel Flags. The Merkin Challenge is on – and there is a prize.

Strong effort today, as always. T-Claps across the board.


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  1. Thanks for playing along today gents. The Boat Holds are easy until they aren’t. Hope y’all have a great rest of the weekend.

  2. Vinny – are you saying I shined brite the entire workout? Appreciate it! Recall might have been over stating his hate. He olny hates me durung TYA’s complaint office hours. If you don’t know them, give him a call on Thursday’s!

    Great Q Vinny – it was tough and I enjoyed every minute!