Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

15 Studs


On this beautiful morning in the gloom 15 studs took on WDOG and here is how it went down.

COP : Plank – Wilsons wife (yep right into it), merkins, helicopters, windmills, IW’s SSH’s.

Bear crawl – Native American style – up the hill !

Wilson’s boxing cockroach – 3 sets of 20

Rusty Cage : 7-1 overhand pull ups – 1-7 chin ups

Jerkins : 3 sets of 5

Amp Theatre: 1 step incline merkin second step 2 dips 3rd step 3 incline merkins 4th step 4 dips – etc. etc. up to the top to 18.

Pole smokers – Native American style – 4 pole smokers while pax holds 6 inches run to the end of the line.

Mary : cross leg lifts – APD’s.

Great job guys – thanks for allowing me to lead this morning – way to push.

Thanks to Bodo’s for taking us out, and thanks to Dr. Try Hard for recording namorama .

Announcements : HDHH tonight Kuba Kuba 2. Please be in prayer for Helix and his daughter – we are with you Helix!

Swirly’s Board / thought for the day ; ( There isn’t enough time for everything. But there is enough time for the most important things)!

What are the 5 most important things in your life ? Think about those today when your making your decisions / choices and know this – if those decisions and choices fall in line with the any of the 5 most important things you’ve listed in your life – then you made the right call! – if they don’t/didn’t – then reevaluate that decision/choice regroup and move forward. Live, learn, and give thanks everyday fella’s for it is all by the Grace of God!

Thanks again for allowing me to lead this morning – see y’all in the gloom !


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  1. Thanks for including me in count above Swirl.

    Quite the beatdown…as one would expect from a Swirly Q