Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Rain, Rain Go Away


10 F3RVA regulars showed up to Punisher parking lot in the middle of a deluge, including lighting and thunder for an evening beatdown that went something like this:

Using the common sense, that we do not sometimes use, PAX gathered under an overhang to get things started with the COP. Exercises included : Invisble Jumpropes, LBCs, Fire Hydrants.

Still raining buckets, so to delay a little longer : PAX lined up on wall and each PAX picked an exercise that began with A-I. Exercises : I do not remember, but trust YHC, they started with the letters A-I.

PAX remained lined up on wall for Chicken Pecker Line of Fire. Each PAX does 5 four count CPs and pass to the next PAX, until all PAX complete. 7-11 showed the group how to perform a real chicken pecker (SHOW OFF)

Still raining, but a little less of a downpour, time to get wet. Mosey to the far corner of the school grounds. PAX perform 10 merkins and run as a group to the next corner. Jville finds everyone puddle and/or stream and make sures to splash thru each one. Audible to stop at the bus loop for Indian Run bear crawl the length of the bus loop. (That was awful)

Second corner = PAX performs 20 Copperhead Squats and run to Corner #3.

PAX performs 30 WWIIs and run to Corner number #4. Audible to stop at the shelters to dry off a little for some Lindseys. Exercises included step ups and dips.

Mosey to Corner #4 for 40 Flutterkicks.

Mosey to the back of school to playground for Ring of Fire. PAX hold six inches while one member completes 5 WWIIs. ring of Fire#2 = PAX holds plank while one PAX completes 5 merkins.

Mosey to BBALL courts for some legs. Buttkickers across and run backwards back. High knees and run backwards back. Kareoke across and run backwards back.

Mosey back to far corner of school for Burpee alley. Start at first light pole a perform one burpee. Run to second light pole and perform 2 burpees. Repeato unti 5 light poles.

Circle up for Mary. (Real loud clap of thunder and lightning)

Quick audible for a real quick mosey back to the overhang for 1 minute of Mary (APDS).

Stay under overhang for COT. Numberama, Namearama and YHC took us out with a prayer.

NMS : On the drive to the AO, YHC had a game plan but it was raining so hard, YHC could not see where the Jeepster was headed. Arriving safely and climbing in Big Blue, YHC scrapped the original plan and devised another. (Sort of) The PAX crushed whatever YHC through their way. YHC thanks everyone for the opportunity to lead and for coming out to play in rain.

Circle K


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  1. Not sure I’ve ever seen anything as impressive as 7-11’s real chicken peckers.

  2. Let me re-phrase, never during an F3 workout have I seen something that impressive.

  3. Shark Bait and I enjoyed the puddles. F3 is special. Sharing it with your 2.0 is even more so. Thanks for the tour Circle K.

  4. That was fun. Nice work Circle K using the grounds fully, finding all of the puddles, and keeping us safe from atmospheric electricity. Good seeing the crew.