Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Standard Loop with the Standard Group


Just a bunch of familiar faces out for a loop around the river this morning. Lab Rat was fresh off vacation and was glad to see some male buddies after a week with the family. Shakedown was out testing the waters with Maple, the new pup on her longest run to date….she did great!

Good to see Gomer, whom I havent seen in a minute…he’s looking spry as ever and singing the praises of Cortizone. Saab did his regular road thing, but thought enough of us to meet at the COT and share a bite afterwards at ET’s. Lots of talk about the upcoming BRR with race times being released yesterday. Some new injury reports coming in, here’s to hoping those heal quick.

Lab Rat apologizes…


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  1. Lab-Rat-esque apology for not running with you all on the trails, but it’s all about the 2nd F right?…

    To that, I never expected to score a young lady’s number at ET’s….granted, it was attached to her dog.

    Saab abides when able….

  2. I ran the usual loop as well… Just went a little early… just in case I felt like going longer than the normal loop… alas I did not… 1 look for me