Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Strong Breeze


4 studs posted to Roller Coaster this evening and here is how it went down.

Honeydo – 1 medium – 2 short loops

Vinny – 1 medium – 1 short loop

TYA – 2 mediums – 2 short loops

Swirly – 1 long- 1 medium – 3 short loops

Great job guys – really enjoyed it. Started out smoking hot on the first couple loops – but a very nice breeze there at the end to help cool things down.

BRR is coming soon – if you need to get some hill work in get yourself to Roller Coaster – Spider Run or River Run and get that work in…

Roller Coaster next week will be at Kuba Kuba 2 – Kubota has the Q.

See y’all in the gloom.


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