Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The SECOND Port-O-John


12 DaVillians and 2 summer tourists found DaVille for a somewhat cooler morning that went like this…

Mosey around the parking lot back toward the front of the high school.

COP All IC – 30 SSHs, 10 don quixotes, arm circles, 10 hand-release merkins (HRMs), 10 plank jacks, 10 mountain climbers, 20 tempo LBCs, 10 crab cakes, 10 imperial walkers

Triple Check – Bear crawl / Crab walk to the sidewalk & back, donkey kicks, flutter kicks

Mosey into the new neighborhood across the main road and to the back.

Modified DORA – Partner up, one partner runs the road to the SECOND port-o-john an back while the other does the following cumulative exercises – 100 HRMS, 100 WWII sit-ups, 100 SSHs,

Mosey back toward the school but stop near the dirt hill.

Ankle-breaking Hill – one partner holds Al Gore while the other runs up the dirt hill and does 2 burpees and returns. Switch.

Mosey back to the flag area.


Numberama, Namerama, Announcements, YHC took us out.


YHC arrived at DaVille to an empty parking lot around 5:20 am and wondered if anyone would show up. The PAX quickly filled up the parking spots and Spike came running in. A police car stopped to find out what was going on and Trout gave the explanation for why a bunch of guys (and 7-11) were up this early in the morning.

YHC changed part of the workout because HoneyDo always inspires donkey kicks to be included in the beatdown. The PAX seemed to enjoy the challenge of mixing the bear crawls and crab walks in the triple check.

The mosey into the new Giles Farm neighborhood was inspired by yesterday’s Tomato Run adventure in the same area. YHC saw some potential hills and loops for some F3 fun. The modified DORA included a run on the road that provided for some hill challenges. YHC called out that the run went to the port-o-john. Circle K commented, “The first port-o-john, right.” The answer…. “NO, the second port-o-john back up the incline.” The PAX attacked the exercises. Spike and Anchovy showed all how to run with a vengeance. YHC wondered if anyone was going to take a break in the port-o-john but nobody disappeared behind the doors…

YHC noted that there was some extra time and decided to point the PAX to run up the dirt hill for a little adventure. The good news is that nobody twisted an ankle or hurt themselves!

The final Superman featured Emoji’s vocal abilities. Impressive.

Another fine morning in the GLOOM!

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  1. Always good to post at DaVille. You really didn’t have to do the Donkey kicks just for me.
    HRMs while the first group ran a mile on the triple check got ugly fast.

  2. Enjoyed my first adventure North of the Wall. For about 3 minutes it looked like a Tuckahoe Takeover as HoneyDo and I had majority. That notion was short lived when the local PAX rolled in deep.

    Curious about the “cooler morning” reference…. as that pavement during Doras had to top out at around 95 degrees!

    Have a great day fellas.

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