Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Sunday Runs


First off, Tclaps to Doozy for completing the Summer Tour with a speedy tour of the trails.

YHC rolled in at 6:59:45 AM to a crowd of men getting ready for a run. Double Mint and three others (FNGs?) took off toward Buttermilk.

YHC: Where are they going?

PAX: I don’t know.

YHC: What are we doing?

PAX: I don’t know. There’s this trail right over here…

So YHC, Doozy, Marco Polo, Swiper, and Oyster took off on Northbank and Saab hit the roads. Oyster turned back early. The rest went Northbank to TPot to Buttermilk in a speedy 70-75 minutes. YHC discovered along the way that none of these PAX knew Double Mint, and was worried he had missed an opportunity to make an introduction and keep the larger group together.

This group met up with Flipper and TYA near the end; they had been out on the trails for a while.

Double Mint and crew went Buttermilk to Northbank, but somehow did not cross paths with the others.

COT. Double Mint issued a disclaimer that he did not recruit the 3 newbies for F3, just brought them out for a trail run on Sunday morning departing the Pumphouse at 7am. Huh. The PAX gave them names anyway, and YHC’s confusion persisted. YHC cannot remember the third FNG’s name – please help in the comments. It was a pretty sloppy COT.

One FNG was named Bulldog because he went to Georgia. YHC is taking the liberty of renaming him from his college mascot to “HowBoutEm”. Backstory: A while back, YHC asked his M, whose family is full of Ga. Tech fans, “HowBoutThemDawgs?” and she shot back with “Well, HowBoutEm?”.

YHC thought with all the different groups going there might be 6 backblasts, but alas, this seems to be the first. YHC will be better prepared to lead next time. With all the confusion, YHC thinks LabRat would have lost it.


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