Thursday, December 12
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Hot Anvil


6 men of the gloom including one summer tourists arrived for The Anvil first ever hot potato .

This is how it went down

Spit’s Q

Parking Lot Tracers

COP (ALL IC) – Invisible jump robe, DQ, Helicopters, Flutter Kicks, LBC’s, HRM’s, Mtn Climbers, Arm Circles

Mosey to the track

Catch Me If You Can – Partner up, first partner runs around the track while second partner does an exercises. Switch, Rinse, and Repeat. Excerises were lunges (x2), Broad Jump Burpees, Polar Bears

Emoji’s Q

Mosey to the basketball court

Third Check – Dip, Reverse Crunches, Bear Crawl to a tree and run back

Marco Polo’s Q

Mosey back to the track

5’s (Shorten 11’s) – LBC’s on one side, run across the field of the track, Merkins on the other side

Mosey back to the Flag

5 MOM – Each PAX member pick an exercises to lead IC

Numberrama, Namerama, Announcements and Emoji took us out.


Unfortunately the original Q of the day (Upchuck) couldn’t make it due to injury. YHC left the Q sheet open in case a summer tourists was interested in their extra 0.1 pt for Qing in a different nano-region. No takers, no problem we will just have hot potato

Thanks to both Emoji and Marco Polo for setting up. I think its about time for some solo Q’s from you both!


  • Puppy Pile on Saturday
  • Labor Day Convergence in SOJ
  • Retreat coming up in Sept




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