Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

BoyZ – Follow the Rules, it’s a no throw zone.


8 tarmac warriors beat the heat and humidity at the Gridiron with coupons and water balloons in hand. 

COP warm ups with

29 SSH

29 DQ
10 Inch worm to Push up

29 Helicopters forward / reverse 29 small arm circles 
29 Air Squat 
29 Flutter kicks29 LBC 29 APD’s

Mosey over to Clown truck and pick up your favorite paver Coupon and then over pavilion by the Pickle-ball court 

29 touch merkins run to tree 29 touch merkins run back 

29 Goblet squats karoke to tree 29 Goblet squats karoke back

29 kettle bell swings run to tree 29 kettle bell squats run back 

29 lateral lunges r & l lunge to tree 29 lateral lunge r&l lunge back 

29 halos run to tree 29 halos run back

29 high pulls run to tree 29 high pulls run back 

Line up on tarmac trail 10’ foot apart – Throw paver as far as you can, bear crawl to your paver, retrieve paver wait for pax and then throw paver again. Repeat until bear crawls reach the barn. Reverse direction and repeat back to tarmac. Tator and Johnsonville made the last throw a “closest to the edge of the tarmac”. Tater must have been practicing corn hole skills by landing the paver short side up inches from the edge.  Time was starting to be a factor so we quickly completed two rounds of 29 dips under the pavilion.

Mosey back to parking lot for a quick triple check:

Run around the parking lot
Wall sits with block paver
Sit and presses with paver

Mosey over to Clown truck 
YHC set up a large rectangle using the coupons and mark out a no thow zone using the area between four parking spaces.  He then asked the PAX to gather around the back of Hoop’s  Honda Rigeline for a cold water out of Whitedeers cooler.  Johnsonville sucked a 16 oz of ice cold water down faster than ….  Funny, he was giving Cheeta so much crap for bringing his water bottle when the clown truck picked them up this morning. JV shouted… “Who needs water”.

The delicious cold water was good but not as good as the surprise under the secret compartment under the Ridgeline bed. 120 balloons filled with cool refreshing H2O. Yes the PAX played Water Ballon Dodgeball.  It plays like american dodgeball, only difference is you have two buckets full of balloons In the center. The no throw zone was behind each of the coupons. Well, the no throw zone quickly turned into a slug and crouch fest.  

It was great seeing a bunch of growth men acting like a bunch of kids getting off of the school bus on the last day of school. Atilla being the biggest kid, picking up both containers  full of water dowsing Johnsonville like it was a cooler full of Gatorade after a UVA football win. He then tried drenching YHC but the deer in White deer won. 

COT by Atilla and we proceeded to the big E for Coffeeteria

Great work Boyz in the heat and humidity of Summer !


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