Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Two burpees…no problem!


With the temp at 80 and humidity at 800%, eleven mighty warriors of the gloom descended on Huguenot High this morning. Here’s what went down.

Mosey down the hill and to the cul-de-sac behind HHS.


SSH x 30

DQ x 10

Helicopters x 15

LBC x 20

Flutterkicks x 20

Merkins x 10

Lightpole Alley Ladder

Round 1: At first light post, perform just two burpees.

Round 2: Two burpees at pole 1, run to pole 2 and perform 4 jump squats, run back to pole 1 for two more burpees.

Round 3: 2 burpees at pole 1, 4 jump squats at pole 2, 6 WWIIs at pole 3, 4 jump squats at pole 2, 2 burpees at pole 1

Round 4: You guys get the idea. Add 8 monkey humpers at pole 4

Round 5: Add 10 merkins at pole 5

Round 6: Add 12 2-count American hammers at pole 6

Round 7: Add 14 LBCs at pole 7

Round 8: Top of the ladder…16 burpees, and then work your way back down to pole 1.

Mosey to to bottom of hill.

Love Hill

Partner up. Partner 1 bear crawls while partner 2 runs up the hill and back. Then partner 1 runs while partner 2 bear crawls. Alternate with crab walk and box jumps.

6:15 came before the top was reached and so an audible was called.

Numbers, Names


Puppy pile next weekend (July 27) at 7:05 at Dogpile

Labrat has the Q for Dogpile this Saturday. He claims it’s going to be laid back. If you haven’t Q’d before and are looking for some cadence action, let Labrat know.

Early risers this Saturday at 4am.

Sugar Sock’s 40th birthday party tomorrow evening 6-10 at Ardent.

Continued prayers for Helix’s daughter.

Prayers for Exit Row.

Flange took us out.


YHC arrived a little early this morning to count some lightpoles and was glad to see EF and Flatline already chatting it up. Flatline recently completed a move to Bon Air and did not have the best experience with his movers. It’s a good story…you should ask him about it.

5:30 arrives with Flange running in and two others coming in hot. Labrat commented something along the lines that SOJ time must work differently than everywhere else.

The lightpole ladder was a crowd pleaser. Starting out with just 2 little innocent burpees, what harm could possibly follow? But Flange (in true Flange fashion) destroyed the ladder with Posh, Flatline, and Fresh Prince right on his heels. As always, the whole PAX persevered. With 10 minutes left, YHC at least wanted to get Love Hill started, but wasn’t sure if finishing was in order…it wasn’t.

Great to have some summer tourists out this morning and to see some faces YHC hasn’t seen in a while.

Nice work today fellas…y’all crushed it! As always, thanks for letting YHC lead.

Peace out!


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  1. Nice work today, Tobit! Glad to hear that you admit that the FORGE is SOJ, not Richmond proper. Book it, Danno.

    Also, hoping that Scrooge is ok. Anybody got his number? He was hurting after COT.

  2. I can always count on a solid beat down when Tobit is on the Q sheet. Nice work, my man.

    Amazing the debate that continues with the Forge. SOJ or RP? Can’t we just all get along…haha. A great AO, regardless.

    With an AO six minutes from the house on foot (jogging), I get that extra 15 minutes of sleep in and stumble out of the house with little time to spare!

    Have a great day, gents!

  3. Looks like a solid smoker Q Tobit. It felt weird skipping the Forge to Q Timberwolf today …but glad the Forge boys had your leadership. And why can’t the Forge be BOTH? It does in fact exist both South of the James as well as within Richmond City Limits!