Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The second best field in RVA


12 men, apparently thinking they were teenagers, suited up for another game of Ultimate at Heartbreak Ridge in the gloom. They welcomed one FNG, who held his own well, and then took on the field for (likely) the last game of F3 Ultimate this summer.

YHC felt like Rod Tidwell’s QB after floating one too high for Angus, only to watch — in slow motion, “Jacked UP” style — Mouse Trap to come streaking into the picture, both men fully collided and then flopped on the ground. It keeps replaying over and over in my head, and it wasn’t pretty. Angus was in some serious pain, but of course he rallied, did some breakdancing moves, the crowd went wild, and he rejoined the madness. Someone extend that man’s F3RVA contract before another F3 region outbids him in free agency!

Prayer requests for Doozy’s job search, Exit Row’s recovery, and Loose Goose’s brother’s visit to a neurologist for tests.

Good work this morning, pax!

P.S. – this is almost exactly what the collision looked like:

Picture: Robbie Henshaw and Chris Ashton have a huge mid-air collision

and then…

Robbie Henshaw and Chris Ashton 18/1/2014


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  1. Good times. We will have to try to get another “happy hour” game going sometime soon. Maybe when the weather is cooler.