Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Corned Beef gets introduced to Twin Team


A PAX of 3 assembled at BWES for a River Run beatdown that went something like this

THANG: River Run OG in reverse so we could catch the sunrise as the PAX descended into Tarrington. Bullseye met us on his bike shortly after the Twin Team ascent.

Corned Beef measured 4.25 miles total. YHC thinks it felt like more. Lots of topography.

Naked Moleskin

Cheers to Slumlord for hitting up Bullseye and YHC Sunday evening to see who was running. YHC surely would have fartsacked otherwise…and then our Mechanicsville visitor would have been on his own.

Cheers to Corned Beef for making the trek across the city to visit SOJ. YHC enjoyed the conversation and the run this morning.

Cheers also to Bullseye for meeting up with the PAX on his bike at the top of Twin Team. He’s nursing a bad back but still posted on a bike for some fellowship.

YHC misses seeing you guys at NoToll and Twin Team. Early tee times and walking 9 are taking priority this time of year! Of course, when YHC has posted, the SOJ guys are MIA.

Cornbeef was impressed with Twin Team.


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  1. Great route today and Twin Team hill is a tough start, but sun rise view was well worth the hard start. Great conversation and still have some SOJ AOs to visit. Will visit this one again and may bring Hash (my 2.0) as he is always up for a challenge!