Thursday, October 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Where is Saab going?


In the 1 year and 2 months that YHC has been posting with F3, today was the first visit to Sunday Funday. 

As YHC was coming across the Nickel Bridge at 6:55, Saab was spotted running across the bridge in the other direction.  YHC thought he had missed the one and only guy that showed up.  Not to be discouraged, YHC continued on to the parking lot only to see no other familiar vehicles, donning the F3 logo.  Again, to not be discouraged, YHC decided a run was still in the making. 

As YHC got out of the truck, an unfamiliar face emerged from his truck and appeared to be glad to see me.  After a brief introduction, Marco Polo had made the trip this morning and was ready for a run on the trails.  We waited about 5 minutes to see if others would come in, then we hit the dirt. 

We completed the full loop and were soaked in sweat by the end.  YHC reminisced from many days spent on those trails in the past on bike and foot, but hadn’t spent any time on them over the last few years. 

As we completed the run, we stayed around a few minutes to stretch and talk.  As we prepared to leave, YHC turned around to see Flipper making his way back from a run.  Flipper arrived shortly after we got started.  As YHC was getting in his truck, Saab showed up from his long run.  We talked briefly, then YHC was off to meet the family for Church. 

It was a great morning for a run and great to meet Marco Polo.  YHC really enjoyed the conversation and really glad to have the company. 

YHC was not sure of the protocol for who writes this up, but it was better to get one in, rather than not at all.  Besides, it had to be longer than TYA’s post last Sunday! 

Have a great start to the week!


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