Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

World Domination


9 Davillians and one sojourner showed up to assist YHC in closing out his fifth Q of the week. Spoiler alert, there was a theme!

Mosey to slightly different part of the parking lot for COP: SSH, LBC, Merkin, Freddy Mercury’s, arm circles, DQ. Mosey to field for 4 corners: run to first corner, 40 LBC’s, bear crawl to second corner, 40 SSH, run to third corner, 40 Freddy Mercury’s, bear crawl to start, 40 low, slow squats.

Adjourn to picnic area and count to 25! Skullcrushers (25 each leg), derkins, dips and calf raises, plank for the six. Mosey back to parking lot, bear crawl length of lot, stopping every 3 spaces to do 20 each of the following: HRM, crabcakes, flutter kicks, heels to heaven, diamond merkins, and toe taps, one exercise per stop, ending with toe taps.

Mosey to flag for 7 minutes of Mary, exercises included boat canoes, tempo merkins, SSH, reverse crunches and LBC’s. Numberama, namerama, Hustler took us out.


YHC has been a fan of women’s soccer for about 20 years, ever since living in Chapel Hill, NC and attending UNC games, and have continued to watch World Cups and Olympics, where the US women have dominated. The 4 corners were representative of the 4 World Cup and 4 Olympic championships they’ve won, starting in 1991. In that first World Cup, they scored 25 goals, hence the picnic shelter number. Lastly, since the beginning of 2018, they have scored 103 goals while allowing 17, totaling 120, which is what the last exercises totaled.

It was great to have Hustler back with the PAX again after a leg injury slowed him down for a bit, and we appreciate Doozy coming all the way to The Creek! The PAX crushed the workout. YHC is proud of having done 5 Q’s this week, and will do it again, just not very soon…

As usual, I have No Idea what I’m doing.


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  1. Good to be back. Thanks for a great workout. I didn’t realize you were a Heels fan.