Thursday, October 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Who Wore It Better – Jena Sims or TYA?


Eleven ESPY watchers posted for 45 MOJ (Minutes Of Jena). Blood flow was on the brain. Here’s how we worked it out.

Foreplay: Backwards mosey to COP – Imperial Walkers / Helicopters / Arm Circles / Alabama Prom Dates / Scorpion Kicks

Hubba Hubba: Cult of Personality (was called). Three rounds of 12 minute sets. Each round has two unique exercises. 15/15 10/10 5/5. Traverse to the other side and back. AMRAP.

Round 1: Merkins and 2-count Mountain Climbers. Run across field and back.

Round 2: Rosalitas and Hello Dollies. Bear Crawl across tennis court and crab walk back.

Round 3: Jump squats and SSHs. Karaoke across black top and back.

Roll Over: Circle Up on the USA map for COP. Merkin Ring of Fire. Each PAX calls 5 merkins, completed by PAX in cadence.

Walk of Shame – BTTF

YHC took us out.

Announcements: Labor Day Convergence brought to you by SOJ. Rack up your double rewards mileage points between now and then. HDHH coming up later this month. Kubota has the conch.

Please sign up for the Retreat and Corn hole tournament if you plan to attend and participate. See the Pre-Blast for further information.

NMS: KISS – Today we were given a chance to perform. It was boring at times. It was testing at times. It was fun at times. Let us not take these opportunities for granted. Live for, and enjoy every moment. Push yourself. Don’t hurt yourself. Don’t Cheat Yourself.

On a lighter note, TYA and Saab were in rare, rare form this morning. If you haven’t seen what ole Jena was wearing the last two evenings, take a look see. But not on a government issued device.


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  1. Thanks for playing along today men. Cult of Personality is a difficult sell. It tests boredom and complacency. That said, it also tests you. This program assures that you only get out of it what you put in to it.

  2. All around great theme and BB Vincent…

    Also enjoyed the before/during/after chatter

    Slippin Jimmy informed me that he liked my coffin-lid joke, so my day is complete.

    That is all I will comment on given this is a work issued device.

  3. Great Q, Vinny! I was smoked! This was not the day to forget a dry shirt and towel…I had to peel myself of the truck seat when I got home.

    I did not hear the joke Saab told, but someone did ask if the group as a whole would somehow be more mature without Saab present…the answer is no! And, the group is much better with Saab in it!

    Have a great day, Gents.

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