Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Which Country is on that Runner’s Leg?


11 strong and willed HIMs posted for a nearly perfect conditioned morning at Heartbreak Ridge. The rumor mill must have been humming of YHC VQ’s the day prior as some Summer Tourists descended to a West End AO staple at Quioccasin Middle. Hoedown’s workout was tough to beat, but we gave it hell trying.


With a leg heavy day ahead for the PAX, we had to get our wheels warm. Football style warm up utilizing the parking spaces in the Bus Lot.

2 rounds:

  1. Sprint forward, shuffle left on the horizontal, back pedal, shuffle left horizontal. Repeato to the right.
  2. Sprint forward, karaoke left on the horizontal, back pedal, karaoke left horizontal. Repeato to the right.

Circle Up: 10s of SSH, DQs, Windmills. Warm? => Let’s Boogie.

The Thang

Exercise 1 – 11s

Mosey over to the base of Heartbreak Ridge for 11s

Bernie Sanders up, 10 Merkins at the Top, Mosey Down, 1 WWII Sit Up.

Work your way down on the Merkins, up on the WWIIs.

Al Gore for the 6.

Exercise 2 – Dean Smith’s 4 Corners

As a tribute to one of the greatest basketball minds of the modern era, YHC felt obliged to honor one of Dean Smith’s greatest contributions to ACC Basketball: 4 Corners.

Mumble chatter noticed a runner on the shared track had an unidentifiable tattoo inked on his right leg. Chatter suggested it appeared to be boundaries andof a country or state. YHC heard Czech Republic and North Carolina thrown out. Please google both countries boundaries for reference.

2 Laps around the track. Run the straightaways, lunge the curves. Corners along the way:

  1. 25 Hand Release Merkins
  2. 25 Monkey Humpers
  3. 25 Reverse Crunches
  4. 25 Copperhead Squats.

Plank-a-rama for the six.


Indigenous peoples run back to the flag with a 3 Merkin buy-in before sprinting to the front of the PAX.

15 Hello Dollies

15 Flutterkicks. Recover.

Numberama, Namerama, YHC took us out.


2 T shirt Pre-Orders: Mosey On and DogPile. Contact Lab Rat with any questions.

Prayer Requests: Please lift up Helix and his Family as his daughter continues to battle. Please lift up Hardywood as he rehabs his ankle.

Again, YHC is grateful to lead the PAX. Appreciate everyone pushing as they felt the bern up Heartbreak Ridge and lunged 400+ meters during 4 corners. Look forward to crossing the mighty James for Round 3 at SOT.

Don’t flop this Tuesday away. Have a great one!


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  1. Honor to lead, Gentleman.

    TOTD: The only one who matters that tells you “you can’t do it” is you. If you believe with all of your heart that you’ve got it; you’ve got it.

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