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Always 70 and Sunny



An energetic bakers dozen arrived at No Toll this morning ready to take on what YHC had in store.  At the buzzer, we were off to the plush, green, very wet soccer fields. 

COP:  Windmills were called, but YHC starting performing Helicopters…so that’s what we went with.  DQ’s, Russian Soldiers, Hillbillies, SSH’s, Merkins, American Hammers, Freddie Mercury’s. 

Warm up: Stay in circle, YHC joins the circle to perform a fire drill.  PAX is chopping feet, while person to left of YHC calls out fire, all hit the ground, roll to the right to perform 1 Merkin, roll back to the left to perform 1 Merkin, then back to feet chopping.  Each PAX member calls out fire till we make it all the way around the circle.  Recover. 

Staying in the circle, the PAX together performs Happy Jacks.  5 rounds of 5 SSH’s (3 count) and 2 jump squats.  Recover. 

Again, staying in circle, Howling Monkey’s is called out.  PAX is in squat position, grabbing ankles.  PAX member to left of YHC starts 10 Monkey Humpers while the rest is holding squat.  When PAX members completes 10, it moves to the next one in circle, moving all the way around till all PAX members have completed their 10. 

Mosey to corner of field for a different version of four corners.  Sprint the length of the field to corner 2, perform 10 Smurf Jacks (an Opus favorite), carryovers the width of the field to corner 3, 10 more Smurf Jacks, sprint to corner 4 with 10 Jacks, carryovers back to start and should have been 10 more Jacks (YHC forgot to call those out).  Second round, sprint the length, Mosey the width and 10 burpees at each corner, which YHC didn’t forget about at the end. 

Mosey to parking lot to perform a Burpee, Indian Run around the perimeter of the parking lot and continue to the courts.  YHC started in front, peeled off to perform Burpees while the PAX continued to run and pass.  Once the end of the line reached YHC, YHC popped up and fell back in line while the now front member was peeling off to perform Burpees.  Each member did this twice on the way to the courts, worked out perfect.

On the courts, YHC calls out Partner 21’s.  With a partner, 1 Booyah Merkin and 1 WWII, 2 BM and 2 WWII, 3 and 3, and so on to 21!  Or, so it was meant to be 21.  YHC called an audible to 11.  YHC did not have a partner and McRib pointed out (and rightfully so) I was missing out by doing standard Merkins.  So, YHC went to shoulder tap Merkins to complete. 

To finish, gather at the corner baseline for a Triangle Bear Crawl.  Start Crawl from corner to half court line, pop up for 10 SSH’s, Crawl across half court line to base line, 10 SSH’s, Crawl diagonal back to original corner, 10 SSH’s. 

Back to flag!

Numberama, Namerama, YHC took us out.

Announcements: Sonic provided some thoughts and encouragement for struggles we face day to day.  Thanks for sharing!

Once again, I’m grateful to have the opportunity to lead at an AO and be around such a great group of men.  Thanks for pushing so hard this morning.  I can honestly say I think we were all spent after this one, but you men crushed it!  The 21’s did look really good on paper, but as we know, it doesn’t always translate well at the end of a workout…maybe at the start next time. 

Have a great day, gents!

Staying in the c



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  1. Nancy Lopez on

    Nice Q Flange and thanks for the audible on the 21’s. I would be finishing the 21’s about now without the audible. It is great to start the day with a tremendous beat down.

  2. Great job leading today Flange! Thanks for the audible on the 21s. Booya Merkins are no joke and getting to 11 seemed like an accomplishment.

    I enjoyed the time with the Pax today and tclaps to those that did extra credit riding or running to the AO (Rosie, Sonic and Doozy).

    Til next time


  3. Nice lineup – sorry to have missed your Q, but riding the Wojo train this week – BUT not sorry to miss those Fire Drills. Blegh!

  4. Great Q Flange! Lots of burpees made for a great whole body workout! Thanks for challenging us today.

    Thanks to Sonic for the words of encouragement this morning. Proud of you for continuing to post!

  5. Nice work Flange. Enjoyed the variation of the Indigenous Burpee Run. Partner 21’s sounded like a Flatline special and felt like one too. Happy for the audible.

  6. Aaron Yokers on

    Flange and PAX, little late on reading this. Still feeling the pain from burpees and bearcrawls. Really appreciate all the help (grabbing my water bottle,etc) and encouragement. Only my 2nd time doing a boot camp workout. I wanted to die like 5 times and throw-up a dozen. Gotta keep going. I’ve needed this for awhile. Later!
    – Sonic