Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Big 80!


28 warriors including one FNG hardened by humidity staked their claim on Byrd Park this morning.

COP: 7 Don Qioxotes (a bit too fast for Saab), 6 Helicopters, 19 Freddie Mercuries and 39 Side Straddle Hops – this represents my dad’s birthday of 7/6/1939 – he is 80!

First Exercise: Ran up Blanton Ave, mixing in a little karaoke, high knees and butt kickers. Had to move for a few cars that came by.

Second Exercise: Lunge across the tennis courts

Third Exercise: Modified Doras – 80 Burpees, 160 jump squats and 320 2 count flutter kicks; Mosey to fitness trail section nearest to police statue

Fourth Exercise: Bear crawl from fitness trail halfway, 20 WWIIs bear crawl rest of way to statue , 20 more WWIIs. Crawl bear back to where we started same cadence of WWIIs. Mosey to the cage

Fifth Exercise. Three stations: Station 1 – Alabama prom dates – 24, Station 2 – Pull up bars – 8 and Station 3 – Dips – 8. There was confusion around # and direction but after some trial and error the PAX got it. We got through three rounds of each station on average.

Last Exercise: Share 80 PLTs (40 each). There was concern over dripping sweat on partners but I think everyone did OK with it.


F3 Mosey shirts on sale – see Lab Rat for details.

Another upcoming happy hour/work out at Palani – details will come shortly

5K race per Krytonite, I think it already happened by the time this publishes:(

Labor Day convergence, any leaders want to set up/run? Kubota can pass along his wisdom if you are willing.

Closed in prayer. Keep Helix’s daughter and family in your prayers.

Enjoying leading a larger group today and it was good to see the burpees lessened the mumble chatter. Good to see Abba bring an FNG. Welcome Dancing Queen visiting all the way from Sweden.

Speaking of my 80 year old dad, he still walks ~5 miles a day (he picks a 1/4 to 1/2 mile route and does it over and over again). I don’t think he can handle 80 burpees but I am still proud of his determination. He is a good example of persistence and humility that I hope to continue as I get older.


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    • le VQ, Fireman Ed! Well done! Thanks for running us and thanks for the burpees. Great partner work to Pavoratti and Upgrade. Have a great day, all!

  1. Thanks for the kudos. Good to see convergence on Labor Day! Thanks Marmaduke!
    I could use the calorie burn before having a few drinks at my FFL draft. Kinda exciting that they have two draft worthy players this year.

  2. Excellent workout this morning Fireman Ed. You certainly bring the beatdown with consistency. Good use of the tennis courts out of respect to Wimbleton.

  3. Great workout this morning!!!!! Trying to figure out how I can sign up to lead a dogpile session. Can someone point me in the right direction

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