Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

July 5th — what happens now?


5 firecrackers showed up today for a July 5th beatdown.

Run around the church — hide behind Truck until Phonics found us. 10 burpees OYO, continue run with some karaokes in there for good measure.

COP — High Knees
Butt Kickers
Twisty Jumps (aka the Richard Simmons, Emoji loved these)
Cherry Pickers
Tempo Merkins
Alternating Shoulder Taps
Freddie Mercuries

Line up the PAX for some sneaky merkin fun

1st time — 5 sneaky merkins, run to first curb, 5 mountain climbers, run back, 6 inches for the 6

2nd round — 10 sneaky merkins, run to second curb, 10 mountain climbers, run back, 6 inches

3rd round — 15 sneaky merkins, run to third curb, 15 mountain climbers, run back, 6 inches

4th round — 20 sneaky merkins, run to bball hoops, 20 mountain climbers, run back, 6 inches

Tabata heaven
1 — alternate exercises — Situps and flutterkicks
2 — alternate — merkins and diamond merkins
3 — alternate — helix squats and smurf jacks
4 — all out burpees

back to the flag for a few american hammers

Numbers, Names, Announcements

NMS — July 5th — not the day that people remember when thinking of the birth of our country, but possibly an even more important day than July 4th. I wonder what our founding fathers were thinking the day after signing that historic document — was there some buyers remorse? was there an internal struggle weighing the values of safety and conformity vs the possible joyous freedom they could eventually attain? Or did they just dive right in guns blazing, balls exposed?
Where are we in our battle against mediocrity, conformity, taking the safe road? Do we strive for something greater than what can be attained through doing things the same old easy way? What have we done to challenge ourselves recently, to challenge others to take the road less travelled, the path that might be harder, but leads to so much growth? There are brothers out there struggling with really difficult things in their lives, things that are difficult to admit, things that drag us down. Who will help carry those burdens? Let’s step up not so much for ourselves, but for the lives of these guys. Make your July 5th just as important as your July 4th. SYITG!


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    Strong Q, Opus! The coffeeteria conversation was life-giving and sharpening afterward. We are all facing life’s challenges and we can receive help as we share with one another.

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