Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

42 PAX to Celebrate 243 Years


42 Freedom Warriors posted at the 2019 edition of the F3RVA Independence Day Convergence. After everyone found a parking spot (legal or illegal), here is what went down:

Mosey with the shovel flag to Brown’s island for COP:

Helicopters x 15

Don Quixotes x 10

Imperial Walkers x 15

Hillbillies x 15 (of course led by J’ville)

Russian Soldiers x 15

Merkins x 10

LBC’s x 20

Split PAX up into 2 groups with YHC leading a Hot Potato for group 1 and DTH leading a Hot Potato for group 2.

Kubota’s Group:

Head over to the WestRock building and complete a triple check. Partner one runs the steps beside the building while partners 2 and 3 conduct Partner Leg Tosses. 3 rounds. Kubota tosses the potato to Rosie.

Rosie has us head over to the hill beside the WestRock building for a version of Love Hill. Partner up. One partner runs to the top of the hill while the other does broad jump burpees, bear crawl, lunges up the hill. Flip Flop when partners meet. Rosie tosses the potato to Wilson.

Wilson has us do an Indigenous People Run from the top of the hill down to the entrance in front of Tredegar Iron Works. Circle up for some cross leg lifts, pickle pounders and the partner up for some sword fighting with legs. Wilson tosses the potato to White Deer.

White Deer has us do some regular merkins in cadence, some wide grip merkins in cadence and the has us partner up for a wheel barrow race to the steps in front of Tredegar and back to the road.

Head back over to Brown’s Island to meet up with Group 2.

DTH’s Group:

Line up in plank position and complete 10 no cheat merkins in cadence.

Partner up for 11’s. Squerkins counting up from 1-10. Partner Carries across field. Partner Leg Tosses counting down from 10-1. Both partners complete every set but alternate carries in between sets. DTH tosses potato to Bodo’s.

Bodo’s conducts a triple check at the steps. Partner 1 runs a lap around Brown’s Island. Partner 2 does dips on the steps. Partner 3 does Mt. Climbers. Bodo’s tosses the potato to Posh.

Posh has everyone go to the T Pott bridge and complete 1 burpee every 15 paces working about halfway across bridge and back.

Head back over to Browns’ Island and meet up with Group 1 and circle up.

Partner up and complete 3×25 Boxing Cockroaches. Complete 2×10 Boo-Yah merkins. Complete 2×10 Plerkins.

Various Mary exercises to close it out.

Numberama, Namearama, Announcements and YHC took us out.


Please pray for Helix’s daughter who has been in hospital for a week. Please reach out to him, fellas, and see if we can help in any way.

See DTH for another personalized shirt order or lab Rat for a Dogpile shirt order.


YHC arrived early to find the parking lot chained off until 9:30am. Not good. Parking at the lower lot under the train tracks was hit or miss. Not many spaces unless you made your own. Everyone started to gather in the normal Convergence area and at 0700, off we went to Brown’s Island. A little bit of heat and humidity greeted us on the island as well as the sprinklers. The steps on the WestRock building are always a hit, as well as the T Pott Burpee Bridge.

Thanks to DTH for leading his group and for all the Q’s that were tossed the potato. Welcome to the 4 FNG’s and we hope to see you back out soon.

What a great turnout this morning and YHC hope’s that you celebrate your freedom knowing that right up the big hill to the East of where we worked out, in a little white Church, a Virginian called out the King of England and said “Give me Liberty or Give me Death!” Everyone knows what happened after that!

Happy 243rd Birthday to the USA!

Have a wonderful Independence Day, all!



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  1. Hated to miss, especially a chance to run those stairs. Sending up prayers to Helix and family.

  2. Ok second try! Was great to see and workout with some new fellas. Helix’s family are in our prayers! Have a great weekend fellas.