Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Half the PAX was New Market


The Thang

Mosey along the front of the school and circle up in the parking lot for some DQs, Helicopters, (wait, here comes McRib), Backward Lunge in Place, SSHs, and Squats.


Mosey to NE corner of the track for 11s on the grassy hill.  At the bottom, Jump Squats.  At the top, Walk out Merkins.  Entire PAX must finish round 1 before beginning round 2.  Hold Plank, Al Gore, etc. for the Six between rounds. 

Tennis Corners

Mosey to the tennis courts for 4 Corners, cumulative/ascending.  Carolina Dry Docks, SSHs, Merkins, LBCs.

Around the School

Line up, single file for one lap around the school.  Six runs to the front, repeat.  You understand.

Bear Crawl Ring of Fire

Circle up.  PAX rotates 90 degrees to the right and proceeds to Bear Crawl in a circle.  Q calls stop and 1st PAX complete 10 Merkins.  Continue Bear Crawl… rinse repeat.

Wall Stuff

Mosey to a wall on the side of the school for 20 Squats followed by Wall Sits.  Repeat 3 times. 

Numberama, Namerama


Convergence at Tredegar tomorrow, 7 am.

Great turnout this morning fellas.  Thanks to the New Market crew for bringing half the PAX! 

Have a safe, happy 4th, and remember why we celebrate.


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  1. Double Mint on

    Solid beatdown, Bullseye. The Carolina Drydock and extra merkin sandwich was delicious. Was great to meet Mousetrap and POG, and also to see some familiar faces from posts last month. Thanks for the welcome guys – looking forward to hitting more SOJ AOs as I’m settling into my dad pad on Old Gun.

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