Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

H2O Beatdown


Mosey from River House to BBALL courts for COP.

High steps, skip, Kareoke, and Run backwards.

Suicides-Regular, Reverse, Burpee Suicides

Mosey to the end of the pier for Dora 1,2,3. 100 merkins, 200 LBCs, and 300 squats. One person performs exercise at end of pier while other runs down the pier, across the beach and back to end of pier.

Mosey back to the river house to the kayaks. AYG paddle across river, 15 seconds rest, AYG paddle to duck blind, Rest, AYG paddle back to boat ramp across river, AYG paddle back to river house.

Mosey back to BBALL courts for 20 dips, 3 sets. 45 minutes elapsed.

NMS : While at the river this week, YHC and 7-11 trying to keep disciplined with the beatdowns. 7-11 woke YHC up at 0515 and YHC had to postpone the beatdown until 0630 due to being up all night with the dogs. A usual occurence the first night at the river for the dogs. 7-11 said she could workout all day long, as long as the workout included some sort of water activity. Prayers answered as we went for a long SUP journey later in the morning to completely toast the arms.

I believe the Corporate Policy is one (1) Downrnage beatdown to get Big Data credit, but 7-11 and YHC completed a mini Murph at the Deltavile Community Center, along with some touch a light pole at the post office this morning. You should have seen the looks we got while running all over Deltaville from the locals. Additionally, there is the Deltaville 5K this weekend if anybody is in the area. (BT and/or Splinter???)

Circle K


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