Thursday, October 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Everyone’s New Favorite Route (Especially Saab’s)


12 Dog Park Lovers posted for a new kind of Spider Run in the peaceful gloom this morning. YHC wanted to change things up a bit (to Saab’s liking) and decided to get off the pavement for most of the route.

The routes are as follows:

Everyone exits campus via UR Drive, Campus Drive, Boatwright Drive to a left on Edgehill Rd to Bandy Field. 1.15 miles

Run as many laps around Bandy Field as you wish. Each lap, if you stay on the trail and don’t cut corners, equals .7 miles

Return to VSF as you came. 1.15 miles

Total route distances:

3 Laps Around Bandy Field = 4.4 Miles

4 Laps Around Bandy Field = 5.1 Miles

5 Laps Around Bandy Field = 5.8 Miles

6 Laps Around Bandy Field = 6.5 Miles ( we just named this route the “Sippy Cup Route”) Well done, Sippy!

Numberama, Namearama, Announcements and YHC took us out!


Please pray for Double Mint’s Father as he has an upcoming surgery.

Please pray for the family of the Triathlete that lost his life at Robious Landing this past weekend.

Independence Day Convergence at Tredegar at 7am!


Saab came in to the parking lot from his early extra credit run and saw YHC’s laptop, with a map brought up on it, on the hood of his new Chevrolet 1500 Silverado. Eyes rolled and he asked me to give him the route early so he could decipher what to do, whether to follow YHC’s directions or go off on his own. Saab obliged YHC and took on the Bandy Field route with a few sighs, head shakes and more eye rolls.

Lockjaw posted to a run that he wasn’t Q’ing! World may end today! YHC believes Lockjaw was tricked into posting because he saw YHC’s name on the Q sheet and thought YHC was going to call a new, top-secret route that only Lockjaw knows about. He even wore a special shirt for that top secret route. Sorry, Lockjaw, that route will have to wait.

YHC thought it would be a good idea to keep everyone within eyesight of each other since most Spider Runs and RAMM runs separate the PAX right at the beginning. YHC never really sees the 6 milers and most of the 5 milers at a normal run, so this route was to keep everyone on the same field. YHC hoped everyone would set a goal of how many laps they could try to finish before the downhill jaunt back to the flag. There was a good group of 6 milers today who ran the field counter-clockwise and the 4.5/5 milers ran it clockwise which meant there was a lot of meetings and greetings. Sippy got in the whole 6 laps for 6.5 miles!

Lug Nut did not get lost but TYA did. He quickly recovered, though.

Saab said the surface of the path on Bandy Field was too hard. Asphalt is hard, also. Just sayin’. Not sure where else we can run. YHC will have to find some mud to run in next time.

All in all, it was a great morning!

Have a great day all!



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  1. Double Mint on

    Great route Kubota. If you’re running in soft stuff in Bandy Field, then you’ll need to rinse those shoes off in the lake afterward….

  2. That route grew on me Kubota. Glad I posted, wasn’t super excited about loops, then started to enjoy it after the first two laps.

    Bandy would be a great ultimate field if you can avoid the land mines.

  3. Glad that rickety little bridge was only about 10 feet long, pretty sketchy. Speaking of sketchy, can’t wait to find out about this secret, possibly illegal, route Kubota has in the works.

  4. For the record that was by far my favorite route since the last time I attended a Spider run. Well done Kubota. I can see now why you required the laptop to walk us through its various intricacies. I have saved the card you gave me for the next time I feel an urge to run in circles.

    Saab abides…sometimes begrudgingly.

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