Thursday, October 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Summer Tour with no Chum!


3 SOJ summer tour warriors departed New Market this morning to get a beatdown Chum at Punisher! Only problem, No Chum and no other PAX! After a few Circles around the AO to explore it was a Hot potato Q between the PAX.

Running – Merkins – Dips – Pullups- more running, good work fellas. Work calls so short BB for today.




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  1. We were either in the wrong spot or just missed Chum and any PAX, but New Market never misses an opportunity to have some fun…..creepy house, a playground, benches and some spin time. Was actually kinda fun. What does Flatline say? If you were there you’d know……….and that house was seriously creepy!

    • See you guys at Punisher tonight so you can get that actual Summer Tour check. Doozy did the same thing a few weeks back and returned for the real workout in the evening.

  2. Ha, don’t know if you can check that off the Summer Tour if you showed up at the wrong time. It’s been a PM workout for over a year. You’ll have to check with the Summer Tour Corporate liaison, Phonics, to get the waiver approved.

  3. So, is it not a rule that if two or more PAX attend a workout, it is good for big data purposes (posting bb)? I would argue that with three at Punisher (while wrong time), we could have plans tonight, that this not only counts as a punisher workout and can be checked off summer tour, but also counts towards big data.

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