Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Daville Takeover?


9 Davillians and a Shakedown showed up for trail day! Most were looking for a shorter route for various reasons this morning, so we opted for an out and back to Reedy Creek with optional Lariats. Phonics was lamenting about days gone by swimming in the river, so we did that, too. Tomato run looks to be crowded tomorrow!

Welcome to FNG’s Shank (as in the prison type) and G. Love!

Rumor has it that TYA, Flipper and Lug got in 10 early miles, and a possible Whistle Blower siting. I’ll let them write their own bb, though.


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  1. Flipper’s Flippers can confirm the 10 miles … TYA set the pace and me and Lug followed… we did not let Lug lead for obvious directionally challenged reasons… We were flat out flying.. probably 9 minute trail miles.. as far as you know… well done Lug and Mr. Aggressor

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