Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hand release Bear Crawls


Two dozen PAX + 1 FNG were not on vacation yet and were hoping to get some pickle pounder practice in at Dogpile. We did that and sweated through the gloom:

COP: Imaginary JumpRope, Don Qs, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Flutterkicks, Scorpion Kicks.

Rusty Cage for Triple Check: Burp-Ups, Reverse Crunches, & run to hydrant + 2 burpees. Head down Pipe loop: 3 sets of Boxing Roaches, starting at 25 then increase by 5 next 2 sets.

Partner up – 1st pax runs to pole & does HRMs until other partner gets their via Bear Crawl. Switch. Repeato but change to Crab Walk, then Bunny hop. Mosey to field at bottom of Rugby: 3 sets of 25 PLTs.

Run up Rugby to Carillon field: wheelbarrow across & back twice. Then circle up in field for 5 min of Mary: American Hammers, Heels2Heaven, Freddy Mercurys. Back to flag, 1 min to spare so LBCs. Several sets of Pickle pounders were interspersed throughout the beatdown, to the enjoyment of many.

NMS: Sweaty morning for Dogpile, ample humidity. Welcome FNG Butterfly. YHC almost forgot he had this Dogpile Q since you have to sign up for this Q 2 months in advance. Luckily some unnamed Breakfast Club loyalists reminded him he had the Q.

Some PAX were upset we didn’t spend much time on the Pipe loop. Instead we used the paved hill. There we discoverd Posh can Bear Crawl like a champ. The field at the bottom of Rugby has lush grass and is bigger than it looks. Definitely needs more attention. The PAX got the attention of the group of lady walkers headed down the hill. They quickly went away as we did a longer set of Pickle Pounders.

Good to see Kryptonite out for a 2nd Dogpile and Butterfly put very solid work. A lot of regulars out of town this morning so great to still see 25 out in the Gloom. Plenty of Ab & core work this morning for those PAX headed out to the beach this week.


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  1. Great Q this morning Honey do. Welcome Butterfly, and great to see everyone this nice humid morning. Cheers!

  2. Lots of fun and sweat this morning. Partnering with Kryptonite was humbling. I bet he could pull a truck while doing Bear Crawls. Resepect for sure.

    See y’all next week, I’m off to the beach for the week.

  3. Great Q this morning Honeydo. I believe we need instruction on proper bunny hop form. Many of you are leaving for vacation today so safe travels and see you when you return.

    Welcome Butterfly. Nice job today.