Wednesday, December 1
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

“Daddy, it’s Push Yourself, Don’t Hurt Yourself.”


A hearty 26 1.0s and 2.0s descended on Dogwood Dell for the WTBS SuperStation 7:05 start of Puppy Pile on the first Saturday in July, which today happened to be the last Saturday in June. Due to a team building email from Marv for his Little League All Star team, we had a good amount of FNGs that are preparing to take on the likes of Tuckahoe, Huguenot, Mechanicsville and more starting next week.

The Thang:

Mosey to the big circle west of the Carrilion. Our good friends at the City of Richmond haven’t mowed that grass for awhile…kind of reminds the QHC of his current yard status.


Fifteen Side Straddle Hops. Ten Donald Quixotes. Ten Imperial Walkder. Fifteen arm circles, forward and fifteen backwards (don’t drop your arms). Ten Hillbillies. Five ‘mercans.

Mosey to the big field (called Mr. Tumnus’s field. A few years ago I was walking back to my car with some friends after a concert at Dogwood. My friend was complaining that Dogwood Dell could be better, more engaging with more things to look at…”like a statue park” he said. I replied “Like Mr. Tumnus and the animals in the Lion, the witch and the wardrobe?” Anyway…

Partner carries back and forth to the end of the field. Two sets. If a 1.0 had 2 X 2.0’s then he carried one to the end and the other back. This is not easy no matter the 2.0 size. Also, should be noted, it may be easier to carry a 170lb dude who is holding on tight than an 80lb dude who is just acting as dead weight.

Mosey to the south side of the Carrillon.

We played HTF. Or…Hide the Frisbee. 1.0s would take two frisbees and hide them behind trees while 2.0s would do LBCs. Upon the finishing of the hiding the 2.0s would go look. When they went to a tree that didn’t have the frisbee, they were required to do 5 Side Straddle Hops. They were really bad at following this particular instruction.

We then played HTD….or Hide the Dad. Dad’s would hide behind the trees and 2.0s would come find. If they came to a tree that wasn’t their 1.0, they owed 5 SSHs. Again, not all that compliant.

Fifteen monkey squats when we returned to the home base. The Q was then flipped to Sippy Cup.

Sippy Cup takes us back to Mr. Tumnus’ field and sets out four cones.

1st Cone-Crabwalk and Back

2nd Cone–Bear Crawl and back

3rd Cone–Bunny Hop and Back

4th Cone–Sprint and back

Four different legs…do whatever you didn’t do the last time so you complete all four. (Bunny hopping 30yards and back is a bit of a grind).

Break Out the Whammo. Toss the whammo and run until it hits the ground (staying in the Tumnus Field). Once it hits the ground you have to do an exercise until you get there. Exercises (in no particular order)— Skip, Frog Hop, Bunny Hop, Sprint.

Mosey to the roundabout east of the Carrilon. Circle up shoulder to shoulder in plank position. Cup, Sippy gives instructions on moving forward, right, left, back…all whilst planking.

Then the 1.0s lineup to install a 2.0 Tunnel of Love Army Crawl style. Activate that.

“The Farmer and the Dell” is playing tonight in the amphitheater…to celebrate there were random cutouts of wooden vegetables around the roundabout (and some fruit as well). 2.0s and 1.0s had to find their favorite food and take a lap around. Then had to do it again…get to their favorite food..then another lap to their least favorite food. (QHC did cucumbers and cabbage. How everyone didn’t end up on cabbage, I’m not sure).

Back to the flag for a ring of fire of 10 mercans.

As much as I love all the Qs…or at least all of the ones I’ve been to…none of them compare to the 2.0 workout. To get the kids out there having fun, exercising, pushing themselves and spending time with their 1.0 is the highlight of the week. Thanks to all the guys who showed up today, I hope your brood enjoyed it as much as mine did.

PostGame Notes–

Congrats to Splinter’s son’s Little League all star team. They won the prestigious District 5 10 year old tournament and will now advance to the state tournament in a few weeks in Norfolk.

Hahahaha, very funny on all the comments below about me writing up a backblast.

Splinter and I both enjoyed our little tour of SOJ this week…ya’ll were right nice to host us. It started off by just us wanting to get a run in and also home run derby…after Splinter’s LL team kept winning…we decided we couldn’t break the streak. Plus, we were fascinated by the rotting carcass of the deer on Huguenot road. Originally the thought was to stand it’s rigor mortis-ed body up in the median with an F3 shirt on. That plan was punted and then we just couldn’t wait to see how much it had rotted. Anyway, thanks for the SOJ hospitality.

Finally, and I can’t believe it was my Q that it happened…but was told afterwards by Fudd that “this was it.” This was truly his last F3 in Richmond, at least as someone that wasn’t truly visiting. What can we say about Fudd that hasn’t already been said? Obviously he is a terrific father and a really good friend. Considering my only interactions with Fudd, really, have been between 5:30 and 6:15 in the morning, it’s incredible how many funny memories I have of him. Fudd, may you and your family bloom where you are transplanted in Denver. Best of luck out west and don’t be a stranger.


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  1. Marv!!’ You wrote a backblast! Extremely well done. Sorry to miss it but we took the opportunity for a day off from baseball to go to the river.

    SOJ week was fun! Daville week is next.

    See y’all soon.

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