Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Rough Draft


11 regulars and one FNG hit the Anvil, this is what went down


  • SSH
  • DQ
  • Arm Circles – big and small
  • Helicopters
  • Arm Circles Reverso – big and small

The Thing

Split into two teams of 6. One member from each team goes to a station and begins doing the exercises at that station until they are relived by the team member from the last station. This goes on until all team members are back to the station they started at. Whoever gets this done first wins

  • Station 1. 3 jump-ups, 3 wide derkins, run to the soccor goal and back 3 times (This was later audibled down to 1 of each). This is the timer to move to the next station
  • Station 2. Throw the sand bag and run a lap back to the sand bag, repeat
  • Station 3. Go to basketball court. Run to first goal and back, one burpee. Run to bench and back, one burpee. Run to end of court and back, one burpee. Run to second goal and back, one burpee. Repeat
  • Station 4. Run to field. Run 10 strides, drop to ground and perofrm one merkin. Repeat to end of field and back
  • Station 5. Run to back of the school. Bearcrawl up the stairs and back down. Repeat
  • Station 6. Run up hill at back of school and do one burpee, run back down and do one donkey kick


  • Puppy Pile this Saturday at 7:05
  • Community movie night at Mechanicsville Church of Christ at 7 PM with food truck, yard games, and showing The Greatest Showman about 8:30 PM ish. Bring the whole family! It’ll be a lot of fun!



No Idea took us out


It has been a month since the Anvil opened up and YHC wanted to touch back on some of the things that have been done in that time. the thinking was that it would be a relay race and looked really good on paper. So the call went out to gather the required number for the PAX (oddly enough the threat of a Murph actually brought more people to the AO). It went …ok, some changes need to be made before it come back out again.

Welcome to Speed Racer, he and the entire PAX made a strong showing and crushed the workout.

As always it was an honor to lead


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